Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Announcement of RAE dates 2006

Checkout the venue site for Central exam center.


The announcement has been released on the RAE Exam dates for 2006:

RAE 1/2006 - 25 May 2006 2pm (Application now open. Closing date: 14 April 2006)
RAE 2/2006 - 29 Nov 2006 2pm.

(For full details checkout

73 de Razif


9M-10278 said...
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Anonymous said...

I saw the RAE notification in MARES, ASTRA, SACC website. webmaster told me that you can see the notice on 26th May. 2006.
To those taking RAE this May all the best.

Anonymous said...

As I am typing this message, MARTS 2 m net is on. 9M2MCT is making announcement on
RAE Revision Course conducted by MARES. This is a very good gesture on Tony`s part.This act of goodwill will go a long way to foster friendship between members of both societies. After all many members belong to both societies.
Let this be a starting point. Now he is repeating the announcement in Bahasa Malaysia. He may not be perfect in BM he has made a good attempt. Bravo Tony.

Gaping the Bridge

Anonymous said...

MARTS is not doing anything to help those SWL?? Why MARES is so aggresive yet MARTS having sit and watch attitude??


9W2MCT said...


In KL, MARES is doing a good job, collating infomation, organising faciities, all this take volunteers.
MARTS has done that before, but unfortunately, the few that have done it, also have their hands full.
You may take note that MARTS is also doinig their part in Penang, and EAST helping SWL's to gain a better footing to the RAE.
There is really no sense, in replicating the is a waste of manpower. Let us work together for the benefit of Amateur Radio . . .

Is there a need to cramp our already cramped airwaves so that we can boast a better network? Givve that a thought . . To our friends in MARES keep up the good work. To our friends in MARTS, keep up the good work. To all you anonymous bloggers...keep us laughing....
73s de Tony 9W2MCT

Anonymous said...

Tony, here comes your "laugh". :)

Indeed you announced on the repeater that you don’t have a job. Are you hinting that you are the one with all the time to run the club or is it that your strategy to gain sympathy so that people will push you up for the post? Wouldn’t you feel embarrassed for not having a job and you still need to sustain your family?

HAM is for AMATEUR. The word "Amateurs" means a bunch of people who have different jobs and will only engage in certain activities only when they have free time. If you don’t have a job and wanna play radio, then go for PROFESSIONAL RADIO, not AMATEUR RADIO. You’re in the wrong field la, Tony.

Go study electrodynamics and sure you’ll find good grounds there.

Meanwhile, you’re one of those who pushes for the abolishment of CW but you went to sit for the CW test. What’re you trying to do? Where is your principle? Is it that once you’ve passed the CW then you can throw the whole issue away & be one level higher than the rest right? You’re such a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Big suprise to me that he attended to CW test.
At least, he now realized that CW is important for ham and should not be abolished.
Every Malaysian now enjoying the country properity and just too bad that he is still jobless.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:27 & 2:11

U DO NOT have balls!..this is meant
to discuss issue relevant to radio!
not character assasination!

I dare U to post with yr real names/callsigns!

Then only can we say that u have the "balls"..otherwise..we have to call u "woman"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.27 you may be a pondan neither have balls or ch...i.The other people is at least a woman but you pondan.You can earn a living by going to the back of Selangor Club or Chow Kit Road and earn some money to buy rigs.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing ashamed for not having a job. It may circumstances beyond their control. However I would like to say that people without reasonable income should not get involved in running societies.
In the past we have seen how some unemployed members siphon MARTS money .A police report was made by the Auditors.In was however withdrawn when 9M2KN became the intermediatry at one of the AGMs.Corruption penetrated in MARTS council during the RAE few years ago.The person who was asked to help MCMC was unemployed. He saw the golden opportunity to make extra bucks , when he saw a lot of 4x4 members were interested in Amateur Radio but do not want to study for the exam. I am not saying that every unemployed person will do the same..the tendency to do is great due to circumstances or greed.So if you dont have a steady income keep away..unless you inherited a few million bucks.A person may not was to commit crime but if his family is in hunger...anything goes.To all members please chose the right candidate... not some empty barrel from nowhere.

Cukup makan

Anonymous said...

Hai Ya,
Ini Chinaman pergi ambil CW test. Did he pass ? What a hypocrite.Going everywhere , MCMC, AGM ,Ali Baba
protesting that cw should be abolished for Class A licence. Even
comnned members at the last AGM that CW should be abolished.Balloting was done and many people supported him. You people have been taken for a ride.
So beware there many hypocrites among us.One of the greatest conmen is Dr. Tony 9W2MCT (PHd conman studies) a potential hazard for MARTS.Get rid of the hazard before it get rid of you.

9W with principle.

Anonymous said...

I fully supported to the above comments and those informations deems true.
New SWL in this ham society have to be warned before going on air.

Anonymous said...


Ok, here’s a copy of what it is (was).

Bondan, woman or even chicken, you name it, that just don’t work on me. Name or callsign that just not important now, I believe it will be revealed when it is deemed necessary. But I can assure you that if I publicise my name and callsign altogather with what I have in hand, I can make you live like an ostrich with the head in the sand for the rest of your life or I can even make a case against you. You want that? I dare you!!!!

By the way, I can sense that it is you, Tony, who replied.

Those who have trusted you, helped you and given the opportunity to you are all very disappointed because you don’t know how to keep up to your words and only know how to take advantage. This is the least we seek from our leader.

Tony, this message here is to save you face and serves as a warning, don’t push it too far. Don’t try to be so thick-faced and still stick around as if nothing happened. Tony, you can cheat your way through the new hams but not the old hams. We know what happened and what happened, happened.

This message serves to save your face and also a warning. We know your situation, don’t push things too far until it got out of hands. Go find a job and get a steady income before people can trust you as an “AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR”.

Anonymous said...

The battle now is


Why are his staunch supporters keeping quiet.Sudah kenah kah.

Anonymous said...

Actually it is not a battle.

We do not deprive Tony from playing his radio. Just stay aside from any electoral activities that he might be getting into.

A member of any HAM society? You’re welcomed. But not committee member.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous information posted for the benefits of ham soceity and have marked / identified those hypocrites.
Please note: This is true and is not bias to any personal attack.
Instead of playing radios they play ham politics causing great damaged to the ham soceity.
They are many capable members around keeping quite and do not want to be involved but laughing by the side.

Anonymous said...

That's true. Many capable ones are actually too tied up by what they have at hands and can't take time out to devote to the society.

We are looking forward to those who can really contribute to contribute in the very near future. We know who are those. You will see it from our votes in the next AGM.

We WILL NOT vote "those who come on to the repeaters at a very frequent frequencies" and that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

wah, who are the ones who come on to the repeater often ar? oh, i think i know la... those are the politicians.

Anonymous said...

U fellows please stop all this sensitive guessing comments before it run out of control.
It very unhealthy to continue this news blogspot and those comments could came from any 3rd party to make the situation from bad to worse.
What is the ultimate conclusion ham benefited from this blogspot???

Run a 2m celebration net for closing this news blogspot and concerntrate on MARTS Website only.

Anonymous said...

Actually shutting down this blogspot is just a matter of time, I still don’t understand that why this blogspot was created at the first place.
But it’s also a good thing that there are some vocals coming from ham members who were cheated before and this also serves as a warning to them to beware of the potential danger to get involved with some “political figures” within the club.

9W2MCT said...

Wah . . .nice to know that I have an audience.
Let me clarify a few things . . .

1.THIS IS NOT MY BLOG. If you want to post relevant issues, you may feel free to. Just register your own blog, then request from this administrator, and your access would be granted (so long as you keep to the topic of Amateur Radio)

2.THis blog was set up again to create a forum, one that has reached great coverage. (please judge for yourself)

3.Yes, I have every intention to run for council, if not for higher post. Why? Because I believe that this is where I can contribute, for the betterment of MARTS, and ARS in our country. I have no animosity against anyone. And I can see that there are a lot of people who have something against me, but then again I also have people who support me. Even though I don't know them personally, they have told me to keep up the good work.

4.I am not proud that I am jobless. However circumstances are such. Yes. I do owe people money. Believe it or not, there are people who owe me too. I don't go around announcing to the world that people owe me money. Tell me someone who don't. But that is their problem. I have no intentions of getting involved with other people.
For the record are only 3 hams that I owe money to. Ever. But these again are personal. Judge me if you may. Judge me if you want.

6.BURY ME IN THE SAND? Please do so. I have no fear, especially to threats. I am trying to make good for whatever I have done. Yes. To that one person who does want to bury me in the sand. and I know who you are, congratulations on the birth of your child.

7.If MARTS members feel that I am not the right person, then I will just, stay in the background. However, I feel that there has not been anyone strong enough to take up the lead role, and which is why I have decided to do so.
My commitment to the Society stays. I have even given up my time in the past.

8.I DON't TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY, maybe I have been misunderstood, maybe I have not made clear what my intentions are.In due time, in due time!

9.As to the CW test? Funny you brought that up. I HAVE NEVER ONCE SAID THAT CW ISN't IMPORTANT. FOR THE RECORD AGAIN, CW IS IMPORTANT! and great history that comes with it. But to restrict Class B holders to just the already limited band, and giving privileges to those who pass the CW, with only Morse ability? You think yourself. The class B holders out number the A license holders two to one, at least. The point is, instead of putting barriers to stiffle growth and education in this hobby, we should be encouraging it. Wait. I forgot that the very people who want to stiffle this growth are also the ones, who have through their efforts, only 'created' an audience of HAM operators numbering less than 2300 people over 52 years, which means only 44 people a year in the past 524 years have gained access to this hobby. I am not blaming them, but certainly more can be done, if we all stand up!(refer MCMC details for exact numbers)I took the CW exam to prove to myself that I can still learn something. And If I can learn it and pass it? I will be able to understand both sides of the coin. And be more constructive in moving Malaysian ARS to keep up with the world, at least from my part.

10.Why am I justifying myself? I have been singled out as the target. I am not one person to shy away from my responsibility. I have been jobless for 3 years. No steady income. But I have my integrity. I don't CBT!

Fortunately, by the grace of the almighty, I just landed myself a job. One that I am trying my best at. Today is my sixth day at work, so I really don't know who answered on my behalf! I don't have access during office hours, and have been busy. I certainly did not remove any articles posted, and If anyone did (there are 6 people who have admin access) you can see it on record. So to the Mr or Mrs drama, good try.

So I will take leave .....for now, and hope that this clears the air.
I don't need credit for what I did, unfortunately the community that we live in demands that one justifies himself for his actions. And then sit by, and laugh, emphatise, relate to the story, and then start critisizing again!

If it is one thing I learnt, this community that I feel close at heart to, taught me a great value . . .even the closest of friends can turn on you. Which is why I say, don't judge me for who or what I am, judge me from what I can do. And If you can't differentiate what personal and 'business' is (or in this case hobby...) then go look for a dictionary.

every dog has its day . . . .

de 9W2MCT - Tony

Anonymous said...

The email above looks and sound interesting.Tony has the ability to write, bullshit or otherwise. So may I humbly appeal to MARTS council to appoint Tony as the editor for MARTS. The present editor is not doing his job.Tony, If you still want to hold a position in MARTS , I suggest you work hard to earn more money, settle your debts and possibly I can be your runner to buy votes in the coming AGM.It is happening in UMNO, MCA and now MIC.Why not in MARTS .There is a regional rep in KL..none other than Beruang 9W2XL. Why is he not heard on this forum ? Whereas you an ordinary member is acting more than the the regional rep or President of MARTS.. You want to be involved in everything.. as if other people are not capable.This morning I heard you talking abt Seremban repeater . you have send the telekom forms to Seremban. Is this not the job of the Secretary. Are you also going up Gunung Telapa Buruk to repair the repeater. Are you competent enough to do repair work. Last weeek you went up to Ulu Kali . What did you do there ?
Nothing other than taking photos.
You just want to be seen active.
Reexamine yourself..You are seen as an opportunist.People say you are eyeing the RM68,000.00 in MARTS>.( This I dont know )
To serve mARTS you must be clean in all aspects.Dont give anybody an opportunity to question your integrity.Have a nice bath in Ganges River and then do it.

Life without hurdles is not interesting.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. He take photographs and stand behind a group of people smiling. He got no capability to repair the repeater. He just click click the camera that’s all. Wah… 68k is a lot of money la. But this is just speculation la. Member with no post can go all the way to penang & act like a big shot. Some hams even questioned who the hell he is. Face so thick la.

Should he be a photographer ar?

Anonymous said...

do also cannot dont do also cannot..u got try?

Anonymous said...

Do what you know.Dont try to do what you dont know.Dont try to be a clown everywhere

writer write articles
technician/engineer repair repeater
rigger.. climb towers
teacher ..teach RAE
CW expert... teach CW
Ah Long... lend money. if you need money call me at 03 21159999.Interest free for ham members.No pay will be gone
You cannot be jack of all trades but master of none.Dont be a nuisance to others

Al Long modern

Anonymous said...

Besides the "Tony incident" there are still some people behind trying to achieve some goals such as gaining controlling power of marts and all by playing a little politics here and there.

We know who are those people. Don’t be an opportunist. Be a loyalist.

You all should focus onto what they have at hands and bring up your young kids and new families, make a better living. Let those retired veterans who have the knowledge/technical knowhow to run the club. Not those sales executives, investment bankers, aircrafts engineer, hotel gm, jobless guys and most importantly, 9Ws.

9Ms should be the one who sits on the board/committee. They have the qualifications, they have the capabilities (of course not all of them, but there must be a lot of capable ones, who had been kept silent and sit aside from being involved in the political struggle within the club) to run the club.

Maybe, one day you political guys achieved what you wanted, but without proper cooperation, coordination and full support from members below you, things will never turn out fine.

A PM wouldn’t be able to run the country well without the support of his/her cabinet.

Anonymous said...

I can only agree 50% of your opinion.To run the society well we need both old and new. The old have the experience and knowledge. The young have the energy. If you remember 2 AGMs ago a bunch of chickos from KL wanted to nominate themselves for the council.They were thrown out.They have total disregard for the senior hams.They had a lineup who is going to be president and so on.The list consists of 9Ws ( some born yesterday )They do not know about MARTS constituition.Members do not elect the President. Members elect the Council. The Council among themselves elect the principal office bearers. Furthermore they were not members in benefit.Their subscriptions were swallowed by one of their peers.They them became agitated and arrogant... later left the meeting hall and went to make a police report.Tony 9w2mct,Allan 9w2xyz.Wilson 9w2xi,Zul 9w2ac ,Suresh 9m2sq,Bessy 9w2cp,Zu 9w2zu and Bear 9w2xi + others .Can you all deny this.? Again I repeat, we need both old and new....experience cannot be obtained within 1 or 2 years.The young will have their turn , be patient, dont be like Anuar Ibrahim who couldnt wait and want to oust Mahathir.
( I am not a fan of both )

Think carefully, dont let your brain become cow dung.

9W2xyz said...

Ok..... the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead.

This is getting pretty boring. Lets make this interesting. Eyeball slamfest. This should solve a couple of things.
Its easy to hit someone when he is down. Pick on someone who can shove a fist in your face.. .then you have balls.

FIrstly Miss Anonymous. No body nominates themselves. It does not work that way. Never mind. I give you that. You are
pretty ignorant.

I have a total disregard for the current president. I think he lacks the skill to listen. I also think he lacks comprehension.
I am stating my case blatantly. It is ok to be prejudiced. As long as I dont discriminate someone else based on that. Its a simple
concept. Deal with it.

No, I dont deny being angry with the proceedings. But that is water under the bridge. Now you are putting the bridge under water.
No one deny's we need resources from whereever. Old or young. Who the heck told you it was a new against the old?

I was protesting the way my representatives behave. So what if they want to run the council? In the long run, it is forgotten. Beer fodder. You
my sissy little puny friend, seem to have the inability to let it go. There are plenty of places you can get treated. Obsessive compulsive behaviour, social phobia, shizoids... the list goes on.

But still... I will stand by your right to state your case... if you do the same for me. Except for one thing. You are ashamed of the name your father gave you. Unless of course you father is suspect.


9W2xyz said...

by the way.

it seems pretty obvious you cant change the way a lot of people think.
Values are ingrained.

Has anyone thought how they can use Tony?
It would be pretty stupid to dismiss a resource. For a person with no job, he seems to be able to effect a lot
of change and motivate a lot of people.

Maybe that comes from not being anonymous.

So tell me somebody. The only reason anyone would stay anonymous is because of fear of exposure. That means
anyone who chooses to speak under the cover of anonymity has no business being in the public.

So... the jamban singers can continue.....

Anonymous said...

I do not know and also surprised about this police report. It would be interesting the read the contents of the report. If anybody has the report please put it in this blog for members to ponder.
It would be a good sample to make future reports if the need arises.

Lawyer lama

Anonymous said...

Wow, Alan, you stood all the way out huh? Looks like you can write too! Maybe you should be the deputy editor for the club.

It’s good that you expose yourself automatically. Now many others can finally confirm you’re one of the politicians and the one who would and might use all those insulting phrases against your subordinates if things got ugly. Notice? Smart ones are all silent.

People do adopt strategies and sometimes only give hints. If you try to be a smart ass and refute to what had been said or stated and throw your callsign as if you’re the righteous one, you’re indirectly inviting worms into you’re a-hole. All I can say is “got cha”!

So we know how the votes will go if you become one of the candidates. Thanks for our-bursting your anger on this. Oh, finally I see someone sticking up for Tony. But it’s maybe only YOU, who thinks that he has the capability to “effect changes”.

By the way, nice use on “my sissy little puny friend”. Must be your mother who taught you that.

We can let things go. But it must be remembered as it affects reputation. If you have such an attitude of forgetting what happened, that means history lesson in school should be scrapped or serial rapists should be freed without a trial? Does that also mean you can forget about your deceased (maybe) parents, grand parents or great-grandparents?

History serves as a guide for the future generation to learn from being committing the same kind of blunder.

Oh, also not forgetting the RM25 issue!

As for the issue of anonymity, let the jamban singer sings to you, “that’s the way, ah huh ah huh, I like it, ah huh ah huh…”. If you like the song, come join me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.39 .. you are also a good writer and singer...BRAVO
Tuan Alan, argue like gentleman. dont say pukimak sana pukimak sini
and to be sarcastic.
That is not the culture of amateur radio. No character assasin.
What is this RM25 issue. You fellows make me kepala pusing.
Tak minum whiskey pun mabok.

Anonymous said...

Last time Tony charged RM25 for each of the signatures obtained from 9M on those new 9W who wishes to get their forms endorsed. But the money never got into the pocket of the 9Ms!


Anonymous said...

walaue...tony ini macam pun boleh bikin kah ???
He so desperate for money.... the 9M Recommendation form got 2 signature slot ...Like this tony mah earn RM50 liao..

...SO now Tony earned his 9M liao...then this means that he can turun his signature for 9W for this earn alot lor..Be A 9M better then be a commission of oath lor...Coz 9M can turun signatures for 9W for RM25...LOL


Anonymous said...

This is a mere accusation but the Malays say "kalau tak ada angin man pokok bolih goyang punya ".Will the persons who have paid RM25.00 to Tony to get 9M2 signatures please stand up.I will personally make another police report.Let those responsible face the music.We have enough of conmen in Malaysia we dont want any in the ham community.

Chiak bo Liao

Anonymous said...

Yes. That's true. I urge those who have paid the money to Tony for getting the sigantures, please sign a memorandum & circulate among the victims & file a case against him.

Anonymous said...

I agree also, in ham community, we suppose to help each other .Senior teach junior, so when the senior is gone, the junior can teach the new generation, How come tony can do this way, he corrupted the mind of new generation..You know why, if this idea flow to the new batch of hams,and ones they got their 9M, they may also do the same to the other (just like tony did)...SO WE MUST STOP IT RIGHT NOW.


9w2mct said...

I will not even defend myself against these accusations! Please if there are any of you with evidence that I have collected RM25 for my ownself, please, kill me! For one, if I were to charge, it wouldn't be RM25. Someone accused me of taking his RM50 and not renewing his membership!
Come and see me and accuse me. DOn't bash me here! I have handled more than this.
The only 9Ms that have signed for the swls which I have brought forms to are 9M2DS - Pak Dollah /
9M2RT Razif, recently 9M2CJ who signs at Ali B, and 9M2CF, who also signs these forms at Ali B.
I NEVER ONCE COLLECTED ANY MONEY FROM THESE SWL's! And I know who I helped in the past.
What I don't know is this?
What does one gain from all these accusations? Do you have some degree of sadism that you get from this?
I did what I did, to help install repeaters, such as RKK and RKL simply because I enjoy talking to my friends using these facilities. And when it goes down, I don't have to rely on others to do it. Yes. I am not an engineer, so I don't repair repeaters and I never did. But that does not stop me from giving publicity to those who have given their time. Do you give your precious time? I do what I do, because, I enjoy doing it. I now know that I am not apppreciated, and hence, I will cease from doing what I did for MARTS. I have been approched by the council in Penang to identify people who would like to run for election next year.
I will tell them that I have NO SUPPORT, and hence will withdraw myself.
I have a bad habit. Getting myself in trouble, and asking for help.
I guess, my social position is not strong enough, and given that there are so many 'silent' voices that agree that I have taken money. I will own up to it. Actually I collected RM 500. from each SWL, whom I also issued membership cards, and now they are transmitting on genuine MCMC licenses.
So go ahead, find this 'license holders' and take a case . . .
YOU WIN!...oh, I also have RM3 million stashed away in the cayman islands.....and yes, go to USJ 21, you will see a WISMA TONY YEW!
THIS IS NOT MY BLOG! So I will continue to contribute useful articles for those who enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

actually i'm the one who's been reading but never posted anything until now.

tony, i pity your situation. i guess the only way we can stop all these accusations is to stop this blogspot from functioning further or otherwise, i'm sure, many more issues will come up. maybe now is you, later don't know who or even me may be the scapegoat here!

just shut this down for goodness sake. pls.

Anonymous said...

anyway tony...i'm Anonymous 4/01/2006 4:03 PM ...thanks for your clarification..I know u did alot of things for marts as well as this blog. If what you said is true, why there are people said the stuff that you never did ? Why they said so ? why don't they said RM 35 instead of RM25...Why they want to log a report against you, loging police report against ppl is a very serious matter...I dunno whether they right or you right..but only one things i wanted to said is only god knows why...

So Tony..If i hurt u in my previous post,just a word sorry to you...If my previous post is not true, tony, pls ignore it...
We are Hams,we must hold hand by hand together..not personal attack .If this issue exits, guys,victim pls standup and show us the evidence and we will take action on it.Pls just dont simply postup any issue...

Whose know one day that your emergency traffic being pickup by the only station that is tony....and he yours will never know that

Anonymous said...

old hams know...
we just swollowed it hard & play radio.

Anonymous said...

i suppose when someone stands out in the crowd - in any field, business or hobby,
He is certainly open for criticism, but personal assination - that another.

All who have given your RM25 to Tony, which ALL of you have claimed, stand up and show your faces or let this case come to a rest.

I for one would like to see him driving up to RUK to take pictures, Yes! even taking pictures. Would you do it? If you are not going to, why stop Tony from doing the best that he can offer? I'm glad that there is still a bunch of volunteers who are keen to help put up the repeaters that i am using - all of us are using.

It is easy to criticise, whould you do it and yet offer no excuse for not being there?