Thursday, March 16, 2006

9M2RUK - UPDATE 16th March 2006

16th March 2006 - 0900 hrs. Our repeater team from Penang (and part from KL!) gathered at the Ulu Kali Telekom Tower for the task at hand, to reinstall the 9M2RUK repeater, and to install the New National Link Repeater (AA to be announced later). For those who have not heard about this, the MARTS New National 2m Link, sponsored by Motorola, will serve Amateur Radio stations across the peninsular, by linking, repeaters at Penang(North) , Brinchang (Mid North), Ulu Kali (Central), and Gunung Ledang (South).
The team comprising of;
1.9M2CL-Bobby Chee 2.9M2LAW-Law 3.9W2BA -Nor Azlan (Bob) 4.9W2EY -Edward
5.9W2LTS -Loo 6.9W2TE - Charlie 7.9W2KM -Khor 8.9W2YV -Sim 9. 9W2CYC -Francis
10. 9W2MTS -Halim 11. 9W2XL -Bear 12.9M2CF -Chow;
got about their task to complete the objective in the two days. Considering that the brackets which gave problems to 9W2MTS -Halim, and 9W2CYC -Francis (The two riggers for the task), as well as the weather! The weather moved in around 3pm, and the temperature steadily dropped!
So much so, that Hot water had to be ferried in to warm up the riggers! Work was stopped at 1835 hours, and right after that the New Link Repeater sprung to life! A few stations notably, 9W2TZ-Hanafi, 9W2SSJ -Suchart, 9W2BAD - Bad, 9W2DTR -Dexter, 9W2YJ -Rodney were heard doing some signal checks here and there. We strongly recommend those stations within the central area to continue to do radio checks and note their signal from the repeater, so that tuning work can be done tomorrow. So please update the repeater team, as early as possible tomorrow! Please respond to this urgently, pass the word round! Repeater Frequency 147.925 mhz, Tone 203.5, Offset -0.600.
Tomorrow, 17th March, 2006, will see the riggers concentrating on their task to install the new co-linear antenna, providing a 180% coverage, as well as the installation of the 5 element Yagi pointing towards Gunung Brinchang. If time permits, the 9M2RUK antenna, will be serviced and installed. 9W2XL - Bear and 9M2CF - Chow, are quite ready for the task at hand.
There are lots of photos, which will be loaded to the Photosite in due time.
And so that is the update from Ulu Kali. Keep on DX'ing, for the good of all!

73s, de by 9W2MCT -Tony
p.s for limited photographs for now, click on the title.

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