Thursday, March 09, 2006

8th March International Women's Day 2m Net on 9M2RKK

2100 hrs - 9W2MCT-Tony kicked off the 2m net on request by 9M2DS - Pak Dollah. The Significance ? It was after all, International Women's Day, and what better way to commemorate it than to conduct a 2m net, and also provide a forum for discussion.
Some quick reference to the internet unearthed some interesting information. Would you be surprise then to find out that it wasn't till 2005 that The First Woman President was installed to that position? Taking into the account that, only in 1910, that the womenfolk resorted to grand protests to voice their dissatisfaction over the unfair treatment of general female workers!
So if we want a more active Ham community in Malaysia, if we start today, then in 105 years time, the next generation may see the result! Ok, that was just a tease . . so don't prove me right!

Th Net started at 2100 hrs with Tony controlling the net for the first hour before Pak Dollah took over. The following were the stations that checked in (Please inform if you have ben wrongly identified - via comments) ;

1. 9M2DS - Pak Dollah 2103 hrs 2. 9M2EE - Shahril 2104 hrs
3. 9M2MO - Annuar 2107 hrs (also extends his wishes to 9W2EE on his addition to the family)
4. 9W2XK - Anneliza 2110 hrs (XYL to 9W2XL) 5. 9W2RW - Rizal 2111 hrs
6. 9W2YCW (p) - Benson 2118 hrs 7. 9W2TKC - Tang 2119 hrs
8. 9W2HRG - Haniff 2119 hrs 9. 9W2CBL - Richard 2122 hrs (Seremban)
10. 9W2XYZ - Allan 2123 hrs 11. 9W2TU - Hamid 2125 hrs (Bangi)
12. 9W2KCB - Chu Boon 2126 hrs 13. 9W2NIR - Nor Isham 2128 hrs
14. 9W2LT - Lee 2134 hrs 15. 9W2WIL (m) - Wilfred 2139 hrs
16. 9W2TQQ (m) - Teoh 2143 hrs 17. 9M2NAZ - Nazali 2145 hrs
18. 9W2LL - Lim 2148 hrs 19. 9W8LTZ - Lee via echolink 2149hrs

9M2DS - Pak Dollah takes over the Net control. (2156 hrs)
20. 9W2MCT - Tony 2156 hrs 21.9W2ATU - Kak Aini (XYL to 9W2TU)
22. 9W2ZEY - Mizey 2159 hrs 23. 9W2EET - Francis 2201 hrs
24. 9W2SF - Syed Faizal 2203 hrs 25. 9W2KTC - Koh via Echolink
26. 9W2ZIT - Zulkifli (no time logged) 27. 9W2CKC - Ken (no time logged)
28. 9M2CJ - Thiam (no time logged) 29. 9W2XL - Bear (no time logged)
30. 9W2SSJ - Suchart (no time logged) 31. 9W2WHO - Minied (no time logged)
32. 9W2OZY - Lee (no time logged) 33. 9W2TOO - Too (XYL to 9W2BGL)
34. 9W6RIE - Mohd Nazri via echolink (no time logged)
35. 9W2AMR - Amir (no time logged) 36. 9W2VA - Andy (no time logged)
37. 9W6VX - Brandon via echolink(no time logged)
38. 9M2PW - Paul via echolink (no time logged)
39. 9W2AXN - Adlind (no time logged) 40. 9W2DTR - Dexter (no time logged)

(p) denotes portable (m) denotes mobile
We would like to thank the anonymous station who graciously hosted the echolink connection throughout the net.
We would also like to inform that the hosting of the 2m Net can be done by each and any station with a valid AA/Callsign. To do so, book your net in the 2m net calendar in the link at the sidebar.

73s de

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Anonymous said...

Today 15th March is world consumers day.

Will Pak Dollah conduct his usual 2m net tonite. If he cant can somebody else be the net controller.?