Thursday, March 02, 2006

Celebration Net . .73rdAnniversary of Malaysian Army..1st March 2006

A simple gesture, it was, in conjunction of World Telecommunication Day 2005, 17th May, celebrating the 140th Anniversary of Telecommunication, 9M2DS- Pak Dollah, initiated a 2m net, which until now is still carried on. Then 43 stations checked in.

Yesterday, 1st March 2006, was the 73rd Anniversary of the Malaysian Army. (for more info refer ). It is somewhat important to devote some of our time to remind ourselves of the sacrifices by our fellow citizens who chose the path of defending our nation.

No easy task, as added by a former commando, En Ahmad Janius Abdullah, who has since left the service. His task whilst in the service demanded that he rise as early as 5.30 am, conducting various Physical activities, enduring the heat of the sun, and excrutiating pains at times, all in the name of our nation. En.Janius is now operating a used Army equipment store in Bangi.

Perhaps, befitting then, HAM operators within the reach of 9M2RKK, transmitting at 147.980mhz in the Klang Valley, devoted some of their time to extend their well wishes to the 'silent voice' of the service, the Malaysian Army. The stations that checked in were:
2200 hrs (1) 9M2DS - Pak Dollah
2202 hrs (2) 9W2AA - Sharan Jit
2204 hrs (3) 9W2ACA mobile - Murali
2206 hrs (4) 9M2NAZ - Nazali
2211 hrs (5) 9W2GU - Hamid
2213 hrs (6) 9W2LL - Lim
2215 rs (7) 9W2AXN mobile - Adlind
2220 hrs (8) 9M2/BG7MSM - Zhong Rui
2222 hrs (9) 9W2WIL mobile - Wilfred
2227 hrs (10) 9W2VXR - Khairul
2228 hrs (11) 9W2XI mobile - Wilson
2230 hrs (12) 9W2ALT mobile - Allen
2235 hrs (13) 9W2SAL mobile - Salim

Following the net, 9W2MCT - Tony provided a wrap up, with some information on the recently held MARTS 53rd Annual General Meeting. The 2m Net drew to a close at 2248 hrs.
Hopefully, next time, there may be new volunteers to conduct the net, as well as more stations to check in.


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