Monday, March 06, 2006

9M2RUK - Reinstallation

CQ CQ CQ . . .calling any stations who are interested to scale Ulu Kali, to assist or perhaps lead in the Repeater re-installation. As we have to submit a list of intended visitors, complete with IC, and Full name, please advise Tony - 9W2MCT via, as soon as possible.
The tentative date of this visit is on 16th or 17th March, 2006.
The dateline to do so, is on Wednesday, 8th March 2006.

The request from MARTS council for these information was received Friday, March 2nd 2006.
We are trying to kep the group small, so if you volunteer, be prepared to do your part.



Anonymous said...

Best of Luck to all volunteers.
Hope the repeater will function as it used to be ... South to Singapore " Kim 9V1rp" East to Temerloh Bridge and North to Penang.
However take good care, the tower is slippery, weather unpredictable.
Dont touch the other repeaters.. police , custom, aircraft etc.
(My first experience going up to Ulu Kali was about 30 years ago )

9W2MCT said...

Thanks for the tips.
We have received instructions that only those with Hard Hats and Safety boots will be allowed on the structure.
But we will only be in the repeater room, as we have the services of professional Riggers to do the part of Antenna and cable replacement.

Thanks OM, I think I know who you are.
Thanks for your concern and useful tips.

de Tony- 9W2MCT