Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We are back online

Thank you all for your support, it is certainly heartfelt to know that we have bloggers & reader who refer to this blogspot for information. I stress - this is NOT a Marts Official website.

So, We hear you all and I have taken all comments into consideration and have change the use of this blogspot.

1. To comment, you are engourage to sent an email to
alternatively you may
2. register as a blogger of martsnews and you will be able to comment.
Off course you may come personally for an eyeball where you can meet the moderator and would be glad to publish your comments.

Its been 4 days since I have shutdown the blog and here are some of the comments published.

Once again, we thank you for your support and don't stop blogging.

de moderator


9W2SSJ said...

I think its not correct to close down this blogspot.
We do not want to "kow tau" to all those superduper "anonymous" people that dont even want to identify themselves.
If we close this blogspot..those guys win..


We have reached a pinnacle whereby even the "official" web site carries stale news.

Keep on Blogging!

10:40 PM

Rodney 9W2YJ said...

Yes... I agree this blog seems to be the pillars representing all amateur radio societies... Why abondon it suddently! We need ham voices to be heard! Keep on blogging and we will support all the way through!

8:18 AM

9W2GL said...

Leave it open bro, let them say what they want, its only words, hurt for awhile only, let them show how anal retardard them are to those that read

8:49 PM

9W2CBL said...

Open this blog back.. we don't know else where to seek more info on Activities, Technology, Info on all about HAM Radio in Malaysia. Current Official Website contain less information.. we have no choice but to seek this blog to obtain information.

Open it up! ignore those who are not keen in this hobby..

9:28 PM

Comment Deleted

This post has been removed by the author.

9:40 PM

jello said...

open what? spread your legs wide open then it's open la.

lu lang jin jia suka kap siao. open wah e lampa la.
kam diao je leh blogspot pun hoh liao lor. ko kui ii zo ham mi?
titto radio la. em si titto blogspot la.

like some 16 yr old sissy kids like to play with this sort of things.

2:38 AM

jello said...

since u like blogspot, then close rkk & ruk la. why need repeaters?

sell your rigs & get money to setup your private server la.

it so fun that even need to register also can remain anonimus one wor.

2:45 AM

jello said...

suchart, i know u can trace ip to pc that post the info.
pls go to court to get courtorder b4 u do it.
cia? fbi? or Femal Body Inspector?
oh Rodney will luuuuvvvvv to take the job.

2:55 AM

9W2SSJ said...

This Blogspot Webmaster is away on holiday.
We do not need to get court order.We have friends at Bukit Aman and Putra Jaya. Watch your keystrokes!

3:49 AM

jello said...

Seems blogging personal opinions is becoming a crime huh. And worst, it becomes a violation of engaging in offensive privacy intrusion by abusing personal relationship with the help of enforcement officers to accomplish personal goal. Suchart, you’ll be going to jail if I found out and rest assured that I have made a copy of what you have posted on the blogspot.

I’m sitting back and wait for you guys to come with a warrant of arrest to convict me of a crime in blogging.

6:34 AM

9W2GL said...

RKK, RUK no need to close la, you dont like you dont use la, simple as that.

12:19 AM

9w2wan said...

I didn't get a chance to write something about 9M2GL, this blog was closed before I could. There were some good comments made I was told. So some good did come out of this site, just need to let it do more.

1:34 AM

ahliMARTS said...

Dear all,

First of all, I don’t intend to make things worst. So please, do not criticize. Although I’m anonymous, this is because I don’t want to be recognized with the suggestions below which you might come across later.

I guess Jello didn’t mean to ask you guys to bring down the RKK & RUK. Please be understood that I’m not against you all as well. I guess the point is why we should have two websites within a club. It creates split, encourage polarization and segregation and this is the least many people want to see within MARTS.

People doing a good job posting updated info on the Internet blogspot doesn’t necessary mean they’ll do the same good job in managing the club. Updating info and management are two very different issues.

Leadership comes naturally and you can sense it when people around unanimously agreed to what you said and show respect when they talk to you. Not by creating split by setting up blogspot.

We are into amateur radio, posting info on the internet is the secondary priority for MARTS, although it is still important for those who missed the real-time broadcast, but does it really worth to put fists up and fight to reopen the blogspot?

As for what our club to do to further increase our popularity and publicity, let me suggest to you:

1. We can promote ham radio to schools. Talk to the principals, bringing in the hobby as one of the extra-curricula activities. We assign Tony (he’s a good speaker) to do the liaison. Arrange educators to give talks in the club. Educate the kids and I’m sure many will have strong interests. Tell them the story of radio during WW1 and WW2. That’ll definitely bring up the interests.
2. We could talk to the education ministry. Introduce the use of CW during NS training. Educate the kids so they not only know how to play M16 and climb walls.
3. Organise field days DX here in KL, working hand in hand with Penang guys and try hit each other using simplex frequency by using homebrew yagi.
4. Organize field trips to Fraser’s Hill, Cameron highlands and do DX-ing. (of course, participating members will pay for themselves).
5. Talk to Penang guys about how we could provide further assistance to coordinate nationwide activities.

The above are what you guys can do for the club. Not posting info on the blogspot. For those who are interested to win a seat in the upcoming AGM, please do all the above. You will definitely win a lot of confidence.


3:05 AM

9W2GL said...

Sometimes its hard to understand what people are thinking or saying, its normal to misinterpret things but with statements like :

"since u like blogspot, then close rkk & ruk la. why need repeaters?"

its hard not to ignore.

I see no harm in having another website providing information as long as it does not claim to be the "official website".

In the short time I started to follow this website (blogger) I fail to find any info that the admin is gunning for a post in the club unless the info came from outside or people are speculating unnecessary.

What puzzle me most is if the admin or the website (blogger) is considered not fit for anything, why then put a suggestion on how to run the club better, shouldn't the suggestion be put in the club official website.

6:10 AM


9W2SSJ said...

Terima Kasihhhhhhhh

Now we can carry on with the hobby
of Amateur Radio!


Marts News said...

It has been 2 days, and i only have 2 registration, YES !! ONLY 2 blogger who are determine to blog.

This is a collaborative blog for all .. As we have bear witness, anonymous comments does indeed fuel speculation - to a point where the moderator have to step in.

Blogs are written by more than one person (often about a specific topic). Collaborative blogs can be open to everyone or limited to a group of people who knows how to be sensitive to the people around them.

Blogging also enable one to reframe terms of a debate, yes! its called a debate and not being slanderous.

Oh yes!! there is also the blogger's credibility too .. There is also some blogger who chooses to sensationalise topic so that they may become stories themselves.. This is most often link to physiological state of mind / character.

Use this as a tool to spread information and keep each other informed about our surrounding and the interest of our hobby. Give credit to the people who deserves them, for their contribution, no matter how small it may be, and for the people who doesn’t, encourage them.


9W2xyz said...

Quite frankly I like the way it was.
I still think God has put nincompoops here for our amusement.

SO... why mess with divine intervention.
Think about it. The more inane and idiotic the anonymous remarks are.....
the more they are forced to stay anonymous.

This blog was set up for a small group of amateurs who like each others company.
For some reason.... there are a few who cannot fit in because of intellectual deficiencies
but still want to be part of the picture. This is their way in.

After all.... who in their right mind will own up to this kind of
retarded logic and senseless chattering? I myself find it incredibly
amusing how 1 + 2 = 5 for some of these bloggers. Their train of
logic shows us the truth in the statement someone far wiser than me once said...

Shut up and have others think you a your mouth and remove all doubt.

Let them all speak......

Alliedmartster said...

You are doing a service to those who draw information from this blog. Not nameless bloggers, who critise and assanitate others.

Here is more information.
The 2m National Link is still live. The QRM has been identified by the Motorola Team as that of the swamping of the DX and RX antenna of Ulu Kali and Brinchang. The proximity of these frequencies are only 00.300 mhz. Given the use of the repeaters, it is causing interference. The Motorola team, although being the sponsors, are entirely responsible for all paperwork. De from 9M2LAW, they are now addressing the issue, and has applied for change of frequency with the authorities.

Don't be discouraged by the results for now. If you have a yagi, point it to Brinchang. (you may be able to get the Long/Lat from the MARTS website, but not entirely sure)