Friday, March 17, 2006

MARTS 2m National Link, and 9M2RUK update 17th March 2006

The team got to work as early 0900hrs. At least that was when I got some radio chatter on the simplex channel designated for the repeater team, up in Genting Highlands, more precisely, Ulu Kali. There was sufficient radio test done by the Central region HAMS, so much so, that the repeater team got down to tuning the duplexer to maximise the coverage.

As at 1500 hrs, the new 2m Link was still being tuned. The 9M2RUK repeater was reinstalled, however, the cables were supposed to be replaced but due to time constraint, additional work could not be done to the old antenna. Therefore, a new date will be set to go up to Ulu Kali yet again, to have the cables replaced.

As for the 2m National link, which was made possible, largely due to the contribution by MOTOROLA, it is recommended that all stations trying to access this repeater, to confine themselves to any rig to set at a minimum of 10watts. This is because, any transimission at 5watts is deemed to be minimum and should effect the quality of audio / signal. This remains a recommendation, and by no means should be a 'rule of the thumb'.

As at 1545 hrs, it was noted that there were a few stations providing feedback to the repeater team, notably, 9M2ST-Steve from USJ 21 (5 watts & 25 watts) , 9W2SSJ - Suchart from Subang Airport (25 watts), 9M2DS - Pak Dollah from Jinjang (5watts).

Once again, a big thank you to the team:
1.9M2CL-Bobby 2.9MCF-Chow 3. 9W2EY -Edward 4.9W2XL-Bear
5.9W2TE -Charlie 6.9W2LTS -Loo 7.9W2BA-Bob (Azlan) 8.9W2YV-Sim 9.9W2CYC-Francis 10.9W2MTS -Halim 11.9W2KM -Khor 12.9M2LAW -Law
13.9M2AM-Anuar (9M2Am was inadvertently left out due to writer having left the location before his arrival)

for more Photos, courtesy of 9M2LAW, click on the above link.

de, by 9W2MCT-Tony
(apologies for miscued info regarding 9M2AM's assistance in helping with the tuning of the link repeater. FYI, 9M2RUK is still inoperable)


9W2DTR said...

Syabas! and well done!
Thank you to all who went up there and made it.


Anonymous said...

I dont see Anuar 9M2AM being mentioned anywhere. Without him, all the guys up at Genting would have just wasted their time, including engineers from Motorolla..None of them can tune the duplexer. Anuar was the saviour.
Give credit when it is due.
BTW Anuar is not a MARTS member.He got fed up with politics and personal agenda of MARTS council members a few years ago.
He just volunteered in the spirit of ham radio.

Keep it up Anuar 9M2AM

9w2axn said...

....and to all those helping to setup the link and repair RUK, my sincere thnk you

9W2LJT said...

....central, mid north, north and south adaaaa.. what about East Coast? :).

Anyway, a big thanks for all the member of the team for making this National Linking possible.