Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Celebration Net . . International Women's Day 8th March

So, if you have been following this blog, you would know that we have a 2m Net which is called the Celebration Net whenever there is an event that is celebrated on that particular day.

Today March 8 is International Women's Day. The History of International Women's Day dates back to 1910. The first IWD was held on March 19, 1911, across the European continent. Significantly, the date was chosen by the Germans, to commemorate the day in 1848, when the then Prussian King's resolve to quell an uprising by promissing reform to the female population.

It wasn't till 1975 when the IWD was internationally recognised, when The United Nations announced its significance.

Here in the Klang Valley, HAMS, within earshot of 9M2RKK, trasmitting at 147.980mhz will once again take to the air with their wishes for the fairer sex. So come join in the celebration net, tonight, beginning 2100 hrs. We are sure you have someone you would like to extend your wishes to, . . surely this is not sexually biased, is it?



Anonymous said...

The next celebration net will be as follows:
March 9 Commonwealth Day
13 Mothers day
14 World Book Day
20 World Frog Day
22 Elimination of Racial
discrimination day
23 World metrological day
7 World Health Day
21 International
creativity day
23 World Copywrite day
May 1 Labour Day

The list goes on. So everyday there is a net to keep Pak Dollah busy.

Cheers Pak Dollah

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Anonymous said...

the way you post is like insulting the good work of our friend Pak Dollah! and I believe you still don't know what do you mean by 2M net?

Why don't you go google and search 2M net and learn from there my friend! before you go and hurt someone with a good heart that constantly contributing towards society and club.

If you willing to be net controller, would it be better you help out.