Thursday, April 10, 2008


MARTS will hold its AGM 2008 in Kota Bharu on April 26, 2008 at 10:00 hrs.

Bayu Melawi Chalet
Lot 3066 Kg Sungai Dua
Pantai Melawi
16300 Bachok

MARTS Kelantan State Council election will be held at 09:00 hrs at the same location.

ARDF antenna workshop and hunt, pre-AGM dinner (Kelantan delight), post-AGM buffet luncheon are on the final planning stage.

More details inlcuding accommodation will be available online and by mail to members.

Lance M T Lai, 9W2LAI
Honorary Secretary 2007-2008
Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society

qsp from State Liaison Mgr - 9w2sbs


Anonymous said...

Can the MARTS council explain the rationale of having the AGM in Kota Baru.Are they trying to appoint TG Nik Aziz to be our Patron.?

Anonymous said...

No council member wants to answer the above question. So let me guest.... All the council members decided to go to GOLOK for a council meeting after the AGM.
Becareful when you shoot , dont get shot by Patani Liberation Front.

Those going, drive carefully , have a safe journey.

Anonymous said...

It is 10.30am Saturday morning now.
MARTS AGM will start soon..
Intersting 2.00pm the MARTS council will be in GOLOK led by its President Dato Mohd.Dont bring back the undesirables. such as ....??? Dont be like Chua Soi Lek.

Have fun

Anonymous said...

Any news from Bachok. Can somebody tell members what transpired at the AGM.


Anonymous said...

Kepada anonymous,

kalau nak komen tu biar la komen yang bernas! Jangan la jadi macam katak bawah tempurung atau anjing yang dok menyalak tanpa sebarang idea-idea yang bernas dan membantu meningkatkan Radio Amatur di Malaysia ni. Marts nak buat AGM di mana pun, itu keputusan council. Marts tu kan mewakili Malaysia, apakah anda tidak tau bahawa Pantai Timur juga termasuk dalam Malaysia?

Daripada dok kutu council Marts macam-macam tu, lebih baik berilah idea-idea yang membina.

Kalau anda ada sila faham ke apa ke dengan Marts, sini rasanya bukan tempat anda untuk meluah perasaan!

Anonymous said...

What is komen bernas.Somebody asked why the AGM is held in Bachok.The council never bother to reply.If the Council has a good reason ,inform members because majority of MARTS members are in west coast peninsular Malaysia.
Yes , I konw Kota Baru is part of Malaysia so next time AGM will be held in Kudat, Miri, Sandakan ,Keningau,where MARTS members are few.This is the era of transparency. I have no pwersonal grudge againtst anybody . I am only exercising my right as a member.Whatever is done must me transparent to members.
If you cannot understand English get someone to translate for you.

Anonymous said...

Guys n Gals

If you really want an answer as to why the AGM was held in Kelantan, then why dont you call the President of MARTS, 9W2IL, Pak Mohd at 019-4452145 and get your answer straight from the ass' mouth???

Instead of making so much noise about anything and everything that MARTS does?

If you happen to be a KL boy, then ask what the KL Council had done in the past years before the Penang boys took over the Council???

Were there as many events and international recognition for MARTS back then when the council was in KL? Were there as many members in MARTS as today? Were there so many outstation (outside of KL) members willing to sacrifice their time for the hobby and society?

Perhaps the RAE classes costing over RM300 per head was a great event? Well, I hope the SWLs found the price they paid well worth the money!

Oops, sorry, my bad, the RAE classes costing RM300 were not part of MARTS event as the proceeds werent registered in MARTS accounts! So, if the then Council had claimed that as an MARTS event, then they would have been guilty of CBT involving society finances!