Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes or No ?

Dear friends,

Not too long ago, 4th of April to be exact Marts News posted a relevant question. This is in line to the health of 9M2RKK. Question was - " In light years? " . The answer to your questions is as good as mine. However, hantu today indicated that Mart Council meeting approved the budget for the replacement of 9M2RKK's antenna & cables. However, this budget does not include installation of the antenna & cables - i wonder why?

This has brought renewed faith , speaking of myself , of the current council members of their trials and jubilation which by no means, did not meet with
obstacle - having committee members who would just ain't contributing which led to further delays.

Syabas!! for the undying support rendered, not only to the central region and to the quest to bring forth changes & promoting Ham activities in Malaysia.

Just like the recent 'tusnami' in Malaysia, remember, it is the members who is boss.
Kindly continue to uphold your responsibility as a elected council member and our vote is for you.

Looking forward to a 'effective' 9M2RKK

Syabas!!!! once again.

de moderator


Anonymous said...

congratulations ART for your tireless efforts and putting up with my whining no dining - datang KL gua belanja lu makan busat lo!!!

Kita undi keluar itu chair warmers especially the repeater chairman.

for god king and country

Anonymous said...

The council were Ok for 2 months.
After that the broom did not sweep well.What happens on 8th March in this country will happen sometime in Feb/March 2009 during the 2009 MARTS AGM..

Get your candidates ready,.1 year notice has been given


Anonymous said...


Penang will supply the required spare as agreed upon but u guys hv to do the installation.
When was the last replacement of antenna and I doubt the antenna and cable is faulty?!!!
Can anyone confirm the actual fault.
Perhaps, after changing the antenna and cable how if still NO Good??? Who should take up this responsibility.
Always, those new hams complained and where are those champions old balls that can help.

9W2SBS said...

no politics here brader.

Anonymous said...

Amateur radio prohibits a few topics for discussion on the radio.
namely politics and religion.There are many idiots who do not understand this.It prohibits the propagation of any religion or political party or ideology.There is nothing wrong if you say " I am going to UMNO or MIC building for a meeting ".The word UMNO, MIC, MCA or DAP is not a taboo. It would be wrong if one say please vote BN, or Pakatan Rakyat for this election.Same thing it would be nothing wrong if I say I am going to Church for Sunday mass or I am going to mosque for my Friday prayers.It would be wrong if one say his religion is better thet the other persons religion.So dont be a fool by classifying all political associated words as a prohibition in amateur radion.