Friday, April 04, 2008

In light years ? - NO !!!

Dear friends,
As we look toward a more efficient 9M2RKK, this might not be too far away.
Hantu flew by and told martsnews.blogspot that the antenna has been approved.
Yup!! changes could, i say could, happen sometime in May.

What about the aging cables? That is still debatable as there is still a final decision to be made as where Marts will source for it.

We certainly welcome the change as this initiative was launch sometime last year, yes! you may ask - why the delay ?
I'm just in awe too but at least there are some truly worthy committee member(s) of Marts who are actively looking to bring improvement.

Syabas! committee - and you know who you are, for looking into Marts central region members plight for a change, a more efficient repeater.

To the goons and fame seekers, you can do yourself a favor by stepping down.

de moderator

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9W2SBS said...

Good news the budget has been approved. more details at