Thursday, March 06, 2008

UNIARM - needs your participation

Dear Amateur Radio Friends,
Friends of RKK,
This is to inform the we have just started a blogspot, the root of its formation is from our charitable and community service activities last year. At that time we called ourselves United Amateur Radio.

The blog address is

UNIARM is short for United Amateur Radio Malaysia. Its focus is mainly on Amateur Radio activities, educational, community services and assistance to emergencies. Please check out the blog as it is self explainatory. Hope you will enjoy the blog and be able to participate in it. The moderators will evaluate and publish articles that you wish to be published in line with our objectives. We hope that this will be your blogspot. Comments are moderated to protect the interest of members who publish their articles/reports. The success of the blog also depends on you.

Looking forward to your support, comments and feedback.

QSP from 9w2axe

de moderator

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