Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dear Friends....

MARTS Central is proud to bring you our first piece of merchandise - the car windscreen sticker. With this, we hope to build comradeship among MARTS members in the Central Region with sightings and QSOs on the road...

Here's how the sticker will look like...

Each sticker will be priced at:
~ RM8 (as shown) or
~ RM10 (with callsign printed in the white box)
(Sticker dimensions : 5 inches by 3.5 inches)

We hope to have the stickers ready for sale at our next eyeball session. Customisation will need some time, so advanced orders are encouraged.

If you would like to place an order, you can email us at altlyz@gmail.com with the following details:
~ Email Subject: MARTS Central Car Windscreen Sticker
~ Your Name / Callsign
~ Customisation: Yes / No
~ No of Stickers

We look forward to your support which we precede with a million thanks!

This is the latest list of who have ordered :-

9W2GL - 5 pieces
9W2ISH - 2 pieces
9W2LYZ - 1 piece
9W2ALT - 1 piece
9W2MIK - 2 pieces
9W2ZSH - 2 pieces
9W2TQQ - 2 pieces
9W2SSJ - 4 pieces
9W2BSR - 2 pieces
9W2AXE - 4 pieces
9W2BIL - 2 pieces
9W2ELY - 1 piece
9W2ZIZ - 2 pieces
9W2ICE - 2 pieces
9W2ZED - 3 pieces
9M2CJ - 2 pieces
9M2DS - 1 piece
9W2LL - 1 piece
9W2VXP - 1 piece
9W2BPY - 2 pieces
9W2FRR - 1 piece
9W2PKR - 1 piece
9W2KBS - 1 piece
9W2MUC - 2 pieces
9W2LJS - 1 piece
9W2AZX - 3 pieces
9W2AXN - 2 pieces
9W2RYZ - 1 piece
9W2OBR - 1 piece
9W2XI - 3 pieces
9W2DTR - 2 pieces
9M2YYY - 1 piece

Thanks for the support. We will still receive orders. Please send your orders to altlyz@gmail.com.. List will be updated once new order receive.


Anonymous said...

With what is going on in MARTS, I wonder if I can be a proud member of MARTS.

I think I will stay without that sticker for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Why not help make it better ? Every little bit helps, in whatever way you can, one person does make a different, in a group we can make it better.

Anonymous said...

I will donate RM10.00 but not for the sicker.
Maybe repeater fund.
Any takers. ??

9W2ISH said...

its ok if u guys not interested in the stickers but just hope that we can get ur support for upcoming events..

for you guys who dont know what happen to the RKK fund last year, the money was use to buy the current power supply.. i think it was put up last month.. for more info just ask our repeater manager..



9w2lyz said...

At last count there were 40 orders for the car stickers already...! More to come, I hope... =D

Stickers ready for pick-up at next eyeball session *fingers crossed*... =D

Thanks everyone, for your support!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8/07/2008 12:57 PM - On behalf of MARTS Central I thank you for your support, your donation can be directed to 9W2SBS our liason Central Manager. Every little bit helps...


9w2lyz said...

Stickers are ready!!!

We're still taking in orders for those who want their callsigns printed... would appreciate if the orders are done by Thursday evening, for pick-up at TT on the following night... email your orders to altlyz@gmail.com


MikeMikeMike said...

Is this still opened?

jazrul said...

the money was use to buy the current power supply..

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fauzi said...

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