Thursday, January 31, 2008

APRS - guest speaker

Art san & Martin preparing for the presentation

Art san delivering his presentation & demo

Friends of RKK would like to extend our sincere thanks to Mr.Art & Mr.Martin who are the ambassador of APRS.

To: Alibaba regulars
This Friday Eyeball on 1st Feb 2008 will be at MOSIN at Jalan Aminuddin Baki ( please note there 2 MOSIN in TTDI) Map attached. This is also our temporary hangout on a daily basis until the New Alibaba opens after CNY with new name...... hopefully.
I am also sad to announce that the hand print wall of "shame " is no more. ....gone forever ! for the moment. Unless we decide to do a new one in future.
We are still waiting for HAMs to organise eyeball TT in their Areas perhaps after CNY. Will anounce on email or if any changes or new area of TT. Attached above is also a list of HAMS that turned up to our Eyeball TT at Ampang last Friday compiled by 9w2RY.
Automatic Positioning Reporting System "APRS" talk by a HAM member from Japan at MOSIN TTDI 31 Jan Thursday.
We are hoping to have Mr Art from Japan and his friend Martin From Holland to give a talk on "APRS". Today Thursday 31 Jan 2008 at MOSIN at about 8.30 pm. This is a last minute arrangements and unfortunately rush for time. We hope we can organise a proper talk next time. This is the plan so far, however, if there is any change will anounce on RKK about 6pm to 7pm. Please monitor RKK if you interested to join the talk. Alternatively you can email me or phone me for updates. This is a casual adhoc arrangement, nothing formal so those interested in APRS do join us as it would be interesting to learn. Sorry for the last minute arrangements.

qsp - de moderator

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