Thursday, March 13, 2008

R3 S9 - Pls verify - CQ CQ

Dear friends,

Tomorrow 14th March 2008, organised by your local ham community 9w2axe, there will be volunteers who will be conducting a workshop armed with antenna analyser and SWR meter to determine if your setup in your vehicle is operating effectively.

Do take this opportunity to meet with your fellow ham operators at Anis Putri 2 (ole Alibaba premises ) at Tmn Tun Dr Ismail or just being there to soak up the atmosphere.

This notice is also posted on UNIARM

de moderator


9W2SBS said...

Wilson San

just to inform that MARTS Greater Klang Valley has set up a blogspot for comments and information address is

God King and Country

Anonymous said...

Kap!! Kun Aiznin..
Will create a link and post the info. Pls keep up the good work !!! makkal Sakthi!!!

Kun Wilson