Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday gathering - 9M2DS

We are having a birthday bash for Pak dollah on 1st May at Nabila Restaurant at sec 16 PJ. Food and drinks $10 bucks each. Menu- Beriani ayam , Dalca , Beef rendang, Sayur Campur. We plan to give a small gift a pen set with engraving of marts logo. For his years of contribution to Marts and Amateur Radio Society. Estimated $300 any extra collection we shall donated to him. (about $10 each for gift). Please advice if you would like to join the makan and/or gift by email to me. Pak dollah has given a lot to us lets make it memmorable for him.

Below short clip video with Pak dollah

qsp from 9w2axe

- reply from 9w2ice

Hi to all,
First of all thanks to Azhar to organise Pak Dollah birthday, I think he will get all of our support. Count me in azhar for the makan and gift.Best we meet up this coming Friday at anis putri, and we can confirm on the no of pax that will be attending this great birthday bash for 9M2DS. Not forgetting its his 77th birthday. Thanks again..............73s
arshad iqbal

so for all of us who would like to thank 9m2DS for all his contribution, i say to ye , Come join us
on 1st May 2008

de moderate


Anonymous said...

I am new to this group. Can someone give a biodata of Pak Dollah. What posts he held in MARTS. His past contributions and achievements. Maybe a photo of his shack and antenna system

Thank you

martsnews.comment said...

Welcome newbie,
here is the url that could shed some light to your question. He is a season Ham Operator with a undying passion to help newbies and a true ambassador to the Ham-mers.

Hope to see ya then

de moderator

Anonymous said...

Dont play play. I found nothing that the suggested URL
Anonymous 6.14pm ask simple questions give simple answers.
1. Biodata of Pak dolah
2. What post he held in MARTS
2. What has he contributed.
4. What are his achievements.
Going for teh tarik every weekend is no achievement.

Happy Birtheday Pak Dollah. I am too far to attend.


AXE said...

Dear Anonymous,
Its just a simple birthday gathering for an old MAn who has given a lot to Amateur Radio ....for most of us anyway. You dont have to participate if you dont want. However, its a good idea will feature pak dollah on the blog for newbies. Anyone can join in on that day to eyeball or newbies to meet Pak dollah. You dont have to contribute / n makan sendiri bayar. This is a HAM friendly eyeball.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
The URL presented is for newbie to identify who is 9M2DS - Pak Dollah which he can identify via the pic of himself. For biodata, if anyone is interested you may approach him personally and get to know him in person.

I agree with 9w2axe and it has been proven , you fund your own gathering & food.

If you are too far away, sending your birthday wishes is encourage but certainly character assassination is certainly not welcome - you hardly know the person.
Go bury yourself !!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi 9W2XI.
Who is assasinating ?
I dont see the intention by anybody, I dont see the weapons.

You must be dreaming. Go back to Port Dickson. Have a nice dip in the polluted water of Straits of Malacca,. After that you will feel better. Your negative thinking with be drowned in the sea. You will feel better by then

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

XI, U got screws up for using the unkind words.
There R many ham guys with different type of characters.
Some knows litter talks alot and some knows alot but do not talk???
Which do you preferred???

Dollah, now do not talk much coz he learnt alot.....
OM Happy Birthday to you always...

Anonymous said...

malaysian mentality!!!! hate each other just because of something petty....always!!!