Monday, June 23, 2008

Appointed by the people

Hi All

Dear friends,

The people who were elected :-

State Liaison Manager - 9W2SBS
Repeater Manager - 9M2CJ
Secretary - 9W2GL
Assistant Secretary - 9W2ISH
Events/Publicity Manager - Allen Tan 9W2ALT
Assistant Events/Publicity Manager - 9W2LYZ
Community Radio Services - 9W2AXE
Education Bureau - Advisors - 9M2DS,9M2CF
- Members - 9W2OBR, 9W2BSR

for more of this you may visit here.

Thanks Bob !!

73s de moderator


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you.
You all have 1 year to gain experience to run the society.
Come early next year, MARTS AGM will be held. So this may be in preparation to take over if you all are interested.
Also be prepared to be screwed by some mad members.

Anonymous said...

Why screw ? Those who dont like then take over.... Put up or shut up, thats the new moto ... this time we screw back !!!!


Anonymous said...

MAD people have no rules.
They screw everybody including you.
Are you capable of screwing back.... I doubt.

Anonymous said...

Last weekend I met a ham friend. He said that he went to the meeting place to meet friends. When election time came he was asked to support a certain candidate.. so the please that friend he did. He is not a MARTS member yet. Though this appointed committee has no standing in MARTS constituition,I am wondering if this committee is legal.You may have a good intention but please look at the legal aspects. I overheard on 2m the other day that a bank account to be opened under the name of MARTS but signatories to be from this committee. Forget about it. Signatories for mARTS must be signed by Treasurer AND Secretary OR President.
Best of luck to ALL

9W2SBS said...

thanks for the comments made on 2nd July. we acknowledge that the present MARTS constitution prevents the setting up of a state liaison committee but this is in accordance with the President of MARTS wishes. may be this will be one of the items to be discussed at the AGM in 2009 why the President wants state liaison committee but not validated by the Constitution. also where are the accounts of the National Council. no news on the web site and no information what soever.....

73 de 9w2sbs

Anonymous said...

Half past six President. What do you expect ?
Wasted members time and money by attending the last AGM in Kelantan when he was fully aware that the accounts and annual report were not ready.
The least he could have done was to postpone the AGM.. So Chai punya President.
Much I am fed up with the events
happening in this country so I am also fed up with dumbness of MARTS council.

Anonymous said...

So Mr Anonymous..if you feel this Liason Commitee us illegal..nn therfore this website is also illegal..why don't you get yor but
off and go pass yor comments at a legal website!
Yr do not have to come to this site!

9W2ISH said...

legal or illegal committee.. is it important? the most important thing is that whoever is elected is going to make better things for the community.. it better to have an illegal committee then not have one.. anyway the committee is doing a fox hunt this 19-20 July.. its a start.. last year SBS cant do much thing coz his alone.. without help.. this time the there is a big committee to help him out with the things that was plan.. so to all please support us.. without you guys the comm is nothing..

Anonymous said...

As long as you all are aware that this committe has no locus standi it is OK.Do whatever can within your means. I never mentioned that this blogspot is legal or illegal.
Anyway MARTS never give any approval and it should NOT have been named

I rest my comments whatever you want as long as it is in line with the hobby of amateur radio
I am coming for the fox hunt.. see you there.