Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Collection came to a halt.

Dear friends,
A big thank you is in place for all of you well wishers who have in their own way cough up some cash with the recent 'heal the old lady campaign' collection which stands at RM850.

As promised, martsnews will publish these names as soon as we get hold of it in the next posting. 9W2Boi who lead the collection has embark on a new job and has taken much of his time and will email to us asap.
The funds has been handed over to 9M2Cj who is the Repeater Manager.

Martsnews confirmed that 9W2IL - Marts President , Dato' Muhammad bin Ismail has committed to replace the aging cable & antenna during their last visit sometime in January 2008.

We are still hopeful that the commitment will be realized.

Do keep a lookout for the next posting , will our 'old lady' replacement come true?

Once again, a BIG Thank You to all friends of 9M2RKK.



AXE said...

Thank you for keeping us informed. Dont think its necessary to publise the names just keep records and keep us informed of the plans. Finally, thanks to the volunteers who work hard to keep RKK heathy

Anonymous said...

MARTS is not a poor society. Make the pay for the expenses.The spend so much on the National link.... this is kacang puteh only.

Anonymous said...

hi all. please include the time and weather risk during the anttenna services . so be considerable to other ppl.
best regard .