Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Amateur Radio Reunion Day (ARRD)

Hi All,

The members of the community have sat down and are contemplating an Amateur Radio ReUnion Day (ARRD) to be held sometime in December 2008 in Port Dickson. The brain child of 9M2PD who misses the camaraderie and friendship that was evident during the Annual General Meetings in the past.

So let all support the event regardless of our affiliation and regardless of our personal feelings and lets all try (the key word is 'try') to forgive what happened in the past . At the inaugural meeting it was decided that the respective heads of the organisations and clubs be responsible for collecting the amount to be paid and the respective heads would be channelling the monies collected to the Organising Chair.

The tag line for the event is "Amateur Radio Reunion Day (ARRD) Celebrating 80 years of Amateur Radio in Malaysia" (which incidentally for the correct minded amongst us is Malaya and Singapore). So - lets give it a go, make a date and see you there.

The event is tagged as 'A REUNION TO REMEMBER' and will be held at Port Dickson, (actual venue will be announced) on (tentatively 13th and 14th December 2008. The Reunion Day is planned as such to be a place for all hamsters (SWL's included) to meet up and celebrate 80 years of doing it on air.

The tentative program is as follows:-

Dinner and show (music, dance, fashion, etc)
Flea market
Show and tell
Lucky draw
Who’s who – the veterans

Accommodation: hotel, chalet, or DIY on camping ground.
Event date: Saturday 13 Dec – Sunday 14 Dec 2008.
Registration closing date: 8 Nov 2008 or first 300 paid registration.
Charge: RM30 per person (station) and RM10 for family members.
Children below 7 free
Family members (paying RM10) not eligible to participate in lucky draws.

The Organising Committee are:-


Kamil 9M2/V8BDI
Aziz 9M2AU
Pak Yeop 9W2YR
Aiznin 9W2SBS
Azizul 9W2FD
Sham 9W2ISH
Sam 9W2SAM
Azhar 9W2AXE

Authorised collection point

For more details and the latest update please go to:


73 and see you there...

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