Thursday, February 02, 2006

Previous eyeball 20th Jan 2006 . . Recognise the place?

Oops! Bar Humburg . . got the photos late. Anyways, I am sure those who showed up had a good time. Judging from the pictures, doesn't look like we have any drunkards!

Sure it was the week before the long weekend, and the first Friday, after the results, so there were quite a few new comers . .

'Remember, this is the only hobby that you have to take an exam before you can actually put your hands on . . ' that reminder rang out a few times, no money for guessing who from.
It was all nice, and been a while before there were new additions to the wall of shame . .

To those who came by and made new friends, don't be a stranger on the airwaves . . .

martnews apologise for non inclusion of caption, no report of attendance was forwarded to me . .
however, please feel free to identify yourself, i.e, give picture nr (1 uppermost picture - 11 being lowest), left to right (l-r nr standing, sitting etc). If you still have no faith in me getting it right, please then describe your attire . . . .if only you had you handy with you . . .Ha Ha . .OK. . .cya

73s . .de

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