Monday, February 20, 2006

Big Eye Ball . . .17th February 2006, Ali B

1+1 is two, and so on and so forth.
Friday? when people look forward to a good weekend, I guess . . But if you are an Amateur Radio Station regularly on RKK ? Ali B! Ok, maybe not regular on RKK, but if you hear bout an eyeball, chances are you may want to know who else will be there . .

So it was even more 'happening' when the VSixers decided to hang out there for this particular Friday. You can only imagine the eyeball QSO's! 9M2DS-Pak Dollah took the opportunity to remind a few New Callsign holders on the dos and don'ts of operating on 2m. Pak Dollah was instrumental in helping most of these stations, supporting their application by seconding them. Safe to say, the other 9Ms, were appreciative of Pak Dollah doing the honours. It was taken in good spirit, that even some did not finish their Teh O Ais Limau! (Syabas Ken, will get you a replacement next time round)

As mentioned earlier, even those not on RKK were there for the eyeball.
9W2RWL-Tan Yee Boon, 9W2MRC-Hoh Yook Kong, 9W2MOL - Badarudin, SWL Farid Hanif, 9M2/BG7MSM-Zhong Rui, and SWL Kelvin Chin, were camped at their own table, joined much later by 9W2LL-Lim.

Ooh Yeah... another 9W6 station made his way to AliB. . .but this time round, we must say, this is another true amateur. Why? He was heard over RKK earlier in the day, testing out his handy. Yup, stand up! 9W6FAN - Faez, who operated with his trusty ICOM handy from his hotel room. Hearing about the eyeball, he found his way without a glitch. Now, that is a true eyeball amateur !de

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