Friday, February 17, 2006

9M2RKL - 439.600 . . .back live

17th February 2006- 1700 hrs. Good things come to those who wait . . Finally, the restored 9M2RKL was handed over to 9W2MCT - Tony , during the Ulu Kali site visit by 9M2CL - Bob.
Unfortunately, the repeater could not see active duty in time for Chinese New Year. Nevermind that.
Returning to KL , 9W2MCT -Tony and 9W2XL-Bear gave priority in restoring RKL to its location. During what we thought was a break in the rain spell, the team came upon Bukit Lanjan only to find it raining happily away. Nevertheless, that did not stop us. In a jiffy, 9M2RKL was online, and soon thereafter, it was 'radio active!'

Now that it is up, please use the band. Or this privilege may be revoked. Support UHf usage. Use a dual bander today.

Happy DXing.

de 9W2MCT - Tony


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marts News said...

A personal request was made to remove the 10.35am comment by 9W2MCT. There is no need for personal glory, but if others would like to contribute to the betterment of MARTS, please do so. (read mission statement).
We thank all bloggers for their continuance in blogging on this site.

73s de Martsnews.Blogspot

Anonymous said...

You all are only interested to put comments favourable to you. Whatever not favourable are deleted.
Do you call it blogspot ??
Without fear or favour should be the motto.

Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Marts News said...

We see a need to set the record straight.
Yes, there were comments removed from this blogsite.
They were;
1.Personal attacks on one station asking him to acknowledge his Gurus.
2.Some comments in the '3 more weeks' postings using foul language, and bashing of each others comments
3.Religous incitations, and propaganda, which has been strictly censored due to its nature.
4. Personal request of removal due to the need of avoiding personal glory.

So yes, the answer to 11.53 cakap tak serupa bikin comment is that we have removed this justifiably. If you care to read, no fear or favour, you may also see that there are justified postings of wrongdoing, etc. But definately not any of these above. Feel free to critisize, for its through this very critisms that we may be able to improve this blog.

de Martsnews.blogspot

Anonymous said...

Once those informations posted and goes censored mean no transparency.
Why!!! Worried KE!!! because those informations posted made good sense and to spot check on those claims.
This HAM society is so much politic and biasing.

9W2xyz said...

Err... I thot this was the space to say thanks to those with time, inclination and the resources to work on the repeaters at the current time.
Maybe it is... but from the contributions above... maybe not. Anyway.... too lazy to go back and check.

Nice work on the rack. Who came up with the wooden shelves? Nice job man. I suspect CBO.

Plug on.

And for the last time. You anonymous buggers. Do you have a name? Your parents call you what?
Ashamed of your lineage? No problem. We welcome illegitimates here too...


9W2MCT said...

no lah . ..XYZ, good guess, wood and all, bu it was actually done by 9M2CL....good job, too I might add. Alas,too high, cannot stack RUK, so side ways it is . . .

de tony

9w2Xi - Wilson said...

refering to Cakap tak serupa bikin,
mana la ada blogger nak cakap bahasa kasar, kalau macam tu memmang bukan blogger. Tu la .. entry tu deleted ..

speak without fear!!!