Wednesday, February 08, 2006

ARDF Fox Hunt

The following is from an email by 9W2PET-Peter;

Please inform your fellow ARDF hunters in Selangor and surrounding areas.
I have scheduled the next hunt to be held on February 25th (Saturday), 2006.
Venue : Botanical Gardens, Penang
Date : February 25th, 2006 ( Saturday )
Meet at : Car Park
Briefing time : 8:45 am.
Please be punctual. Don't let the fox feed the mosquitoes.
Flag-off time : 9:00 am.

For more details, go to the web site below. you still have not build your ARDF antenna, contact Peter Lim (9W2PET) : peterlm@streamyx.comto arrange for an antenna building workshop some days before the event date.Would appreciate if you give a return email confirming your participation.

Happy hunting73 KC ~ 9M2LC

This is an open invitation to all Amateur Stations or SWL's, do get in touch with Peter.


1 comment:

9W2MCT said...


I have asked around on any takers wanting to get involved in the Fox hunt.

Looks like most are geared towards a day trip.
Thanks for the heads up, and hopefully this does not discourage the good work you are doing.
I will not make it for the hunt, as I have to take the family along . .

Any news if there is a dinner the night before?