Monday, February 13, 2006

CW...Have Your Say (Follow up)

So far, since the last posting (CW....Have Your Say) with a webpoll (hosted by, the poll has attracted 20 voters. Sadly there were only 8 comments justifying these votes. As long as we cannot justify these votes, we will not be able to compile these data to be forwarded to MARTS council in view of making our case.
Perhaps, there are only this many members who want to say something.
Perhaps, these are the only people who are active enough to want to say something.

Here is your chance, say something, and it will lead to a greater voice in hope of being heard.
Remember, YES or NO votes are both compiled.

(Eyeball postings and other artices will be printed following the closure of this poll. Continue sending in your articles, and it will be printed at a later date.)

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