Sunday, February 26, 2006

MARTS 53rd Annual General Meeting

Sunday - 26th February 2006.
It was slightly gloomy, the weather. What was in store for the members who gathered at the Caring Community Centre, was anyone's guess. Judging from the past AGMs, there were always unsettled issues. The first order was to get the EGM going. An Extraordinary General Meeting was called and without much objection from those present, a vote to change certain points in the constitution was motioned and supported by the majority. This was relayed to me by another member who was there from the onset.I was late for this part.
A verbal objection was relayed to the Secretary the day before as voiced by certain members in the central region. The most common, being, what would be the impact for such change in the constitution? And why? so the argument goes . .

After a very detailed and well organised registration process , I proceeded to have my coffee, as everyone was enjoying the break, which followed the EGM.

The bullhorn call viz a megaphone was done, and we slowly chuffed into the room.
The opening address was made by The President, and subsequently to officiate the opening, En Husin Ali (MCMC , Northern Region) made a very welcomed opening speech. he touched on the good relationship that MARTS has with the Norther Region Office, and congratulated the Council for a good job done there. He also cautiously touched on the need to have members of quality rather then quantity. This was perhaps made in view of the incident whereby a licensed ham member encroached into the Law enforcement frequency. For the record, the perpetrator is not a MARTS member. En Husin proceeded to call the meeting open. He was presented with a momento from MARTS, the person in honour to present it was 9M2FK-Ishi (Ismail). He is widely acknoledged as the leading Most Awarded Ham operator in contest, and acknowledgements.

The President made a notice to all present about the recent passing of 9M2SMS (formerly 9W2YY- pls refer to previous obituary posting ) and rightfully called for a minute's silence in honour of our late Mr Tee. The meeting then proceeded with The Secretary (9M2CL-Bob) running through the past minutes with detailed reminder from 9M2LR-Richard, pertaining to the do's and dont's, gentle, I might add. With the relevant changes made due to typo errors, the meeting moved through the agendas without much objection.

One point that was brought up during the council report, when each council member, holding different portfolios, was the relevance of MARTS stance in view of the CW issue. (The CW Issue during discussion with MCMC was to remove CW as a requirement for Class A operators) The president gave a quick overview of the intention of MARTS to motion to members to decide on thier stance, by show of hands, and this is to be handed to MCMC in a form of formal declaration. It is hoped that the council will provide a detailed working paper on this issue. Following that The President also mentioned the IARU Region 3 Directors, working visit, with the Council, and the KL Office, as well as their intention (IARU) to seek an early opening of the 40m band, specifically the 7.1 - 7.2 mhz frequency. It was here that a reminder was made again, to compile detailed data for the review of the authorities to help release the band to Amateurs (If required, please refer IARU R3 link - Bandplan)

The items for discussion quickly passed, without any hitches. Given that some members did not receive their notice of meeting, the council gracefully allowed for inclusions in the matters arising. A letter was then read out in part by 9W2MCT-Tony, pertaining to certain issues.
1. To Motion a stand from MARTS on the CW Issue (which was already addressed by the Chair)
2. To seek a reciprocal link for with (on the grounds that the blog has achieved its objective of being a forum for local HAM community, mostly MARTS members, and having had 10000 hits)
The reply from the chair was that MARTS already has a website, and have no intentions of linking to blogs which are deemed not neutral, and often consisting damaging postings. The President later said that moderated sites can be considered, and have no objections, if any postings are sent to the Marts webmaster for consideration.
3.To seek a motion from the council to adopt IARUs stance and also address the 'missing link'
4. To officially seek mention of the relevant regional offices, so that each is known to the other for ease of communication.
5. To seek a motion where members present can take a pledge, of allegiance (This motion was put to vote, and only 7 people agreed to take the pledge, and hence was not adopted)

In all, the meeting was a success, and the many stations which I met were certainly very welcoming. Most were ready to submit that it was a good and rewarding meeting, with the exception to those who were not there to object the adoption of the new constitution.

For the record, this was the pledge.

I, a valid member of the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitter’s Society, hereby pledge my loyalty to this society, and promise to uphold its integrity by placing its interest ahead of mine.
I shall assist when possible, to better the HAM Community, and will continue to do so in my capacity as an individual to build a bigger and stronger Amateur Radio Society.
From this day on, I will place aside my differences with each and anyone, and work towards a more active, visible, dependable and reputable MARTS.

Nevermind that, but one thing that is certainly true . . . .Line Clear has one of the best Nasi Kandar in town . .

de 9W2MCT-Tony

for more photos, courtesy of 9M2RT-Razif, please click on the link 'MARTS 53rd Annual General Meeting' in brown, above


9w2axn said...

> thnx martnews, specially tony for the posting, at least it will give me some inkling of what transpired in the meeting, will also look fwd 4 further insights of the meeting, thnx.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the report Tony. I am glad that the meeting went on well compared to last year.It is my hope that this attiude of tolerance, understanding and frienshipp will prevail all the time.Though I feel that the pledge in not necessary, the third paragraph touched my heart. A lot of differences have occured during the last few years.Vengeance, slandering and revenge have taken place.To make it worse some parties poke fire here and there to create a chaotic situation. There seems to be a partition between 9W2 and 9M2.9M2 have the experience, 9W2 have the energy.Why dont we combine these 2
together.Mutual respect. If we can, I am sure MARTS will be strong as it used to be.I dont see why it cannot be done.We need sincerity here.The ball is at members feet. Let us play the game as it should foul play please.The umpire is watching.

Anonymous said...

USA does not have reciprocal arrangement with MAlaysia.Please refer to " Guidelines for Amateur Radio in Malaysia " published by MCMC.There were cases of rejections of applications from amateurs whose country does not have reciprocal arrangent.I hope MCMC follow the guidelines set by them or add new countries. No double standards please.

SIRIM BSS Standards

9W2SSJ said...

As at this time of 1645/27Feb..this blogspot has come out with a comprehensive report of what transpired at the 53rd MARTS AGM held on the 26Feb2006.
The MARTS.ORG.MY Web page has no updates at all pertaining to the AGM.
So which website is the more informative one?
2 kupang

Anonymous said...

Mr Blog Author,
Please tell me why my comment on reciprocal licence has been deleted. It was only a reminder for MCMC to be fair to all.

Justice Paul

9w2xi - Wilson said...

for the latest news & insight, turn to

I was told that unmoderated blog / website is not a healthy link to - mentioned by the president. Hmmm... food for thoughts.

You can make a difference. Yes! you.

9w2xi - Wilson said...

for the latest & the insight, turn to

I was told that unmoderated blog / website is not a healthy link to - president mentioned during the AGM.

Hmmmm!... food for thought.

You can make a difference, YES! you.

9W2MCT said...

And that is where the problem lies . . .you read one line, and was not there in person . so you jump to conclusion.
Dennis (W0XYZ) has specifically mentioned that he wanted to apply for a local call sign so that when he is on duty here he can QSO on local. As I also can read, I know that he needs to get a letter of consent from AARL, and HOPEFULLY, MARTS can support this document before applying to MCMC.(such was the case with another Korean HAM)

As for him getting it, I am totally unsure. Your concern is much appreciated, I am sure, but try a more friendly way to get your message across.

Perhaps you did not get the guidance when growing up?

Anonymous said...

This gentleman comes from US. Malaysia do not have reciprocal licence arrangement with US.Acccording to guidelines he cannot get a licence from MCMC unless he sits for Malaysia RAE and Malaysian CW test,
but it it common for MCMC to change regulations at their whims and fancies.We do not want double or triple standards according to the colour of their skins.
Your last sentence is unwarranted.
It also reflects your upbringing

Justice Paul

9W2MCT said...

Ah, Ha. Justice Paul, it seems

"but it it common for MCMC to change regulations at their whims and fancies.We do not want double or triple standards according to the colour of their skins."
From your statement, it seems that you are biased , for reasons, best known to you.

I can say this, I have extended my help to another HAM from a country which does not have reciprocal with us. As it was a request, he was asked to support his 'request' with a letter from his issuing authority, as well as a letter from his Amateur Radio Organisation. All this was done, whether his request was favourable or not, it rests on the authorities.
Perhaps, helping another person, whether a HAM or not, is not something you are used to. Me? I help when I can, if I can. Even if our foreign friend's application is rejected, he can take heart that there was at least some assistance from us. If I am in his country, I would certainly like to try to find a way to get a reciprocal.

I stand by my statement, though. I strongly believe now, that responding to anonymous comments, or even those with, pretentious synonyms, is like talking . . . to myself. Evidently, you have posted here before, and your need to be acknowledge was the catalyst for me to respond. You see, the demand to be acknoledged here exists when you posted repeatedly.
I have heard from a phsycologist , that people who severely lack attention in their 'growing up' years tend to show certain aspects of behaviour. One of them is the need for aknowledgement.

Well, I am sorry if I was rude, to which I did not think I overstep my boundaries, but please, if you are indeed someone who means well, stop blogging anonymously, and help another person.
FYI, I am still looking for suggestions as to how we can all help to improve our HAM community.

73s de 9W2MCT - Tony

Anonymous said...

Ok Ok Ok enough is enough.
Since you are very interested to help fellow hams, can you do the following probably with the assistance of MARTS since you are not a council member.
1. Request MCMC to have flow chart for application for amateur licence from countries with and without reciprocal arrangements with Malaysia.
2. Request applications can be made on line from applicants country to save processing time.So that when they arrive in Malaysia their licence is ready.
3. Assist them to bring rigs into this country.
4.and many more following.

This will encourage tourism in Malaysia and also expose Malaysia
beautiful scenic to the world.

Let us face facts, a white easily goes through Customs check point compared to non white.We have been ruled by colonist for more that 500 years.

Justice John

9W2MCT said...

Ok, there you go, thanks for the suggestion. I refer to an earlier posting that we collate all suggestions and forward it to the relevant parties to consider.
Your suggestion is workable, perhaps a little naive, as MCMC, the regulatory body, would have to consider all aspects.
For one, Malaysia is not a member of CEPT. (Conference of European Postal and Telecommunications) In the most recent conference, this as quoted by ZL1AZ, Peter Lake, New Zealand adopted the resolution to allow Amateur Stations (operating on 2m and 70cm band) from reciprocal countries to operate freely within its shores, without having any document whatsoever. Which means, one can operate, using the Zk or ZL or ZM prefix folowed by the invidual's license. i.e ZL/9W2 XXX .

This would be ideal of course, but we are not living in an ideal world.
I suggest you do some research in to your suggestions, and referring to the different resolutions, all of which covers our interest.

It would be nice if you could actually contact me, then perhaps, we can start a sub committee to look into this and then consolidating our case, elevate it to the authorities. Your good intentions are noted, but stil I don't know who from.

Thanks for your time, and interest.
Looking forward to hearing from you again.

de 9W2MCT - Tony

badman said...

Since you are very interested to help fellow hams, can you do the following probably with the assistance of MARTS since you are not a council member.

forgive me if i'm getting this wrong... but aren't being a council member is much, much easier in getting assistance from the club than a (rebellious)ordinary member? or council member are not suppose to do these things..? OR... the anonymous writer IS the council member who want to 'kotor tangan'..?

my apologies for any misunderstanding any statements made here.. me only B class maa... donno CW :-P

Anonymous said...

Hei Bad,
I dont see your name in the MARTS membership list anywhere ?
Would you care to join and enjoy the facilities provided by MARTS.
Probably contribute more in term of postings in this blog and also
maintenance of repeaters.
You are most welcome.. brother
only RM50.00 per year maaa.

Kawan lama

Anonymous said...

I will put all effort to assit help to obtain reciprocal license. Nothing wrong to seek help on reciprocal license even though is not listed in the authority book.

In fact America RAE exam is far way harder than 9M2's RAE. People enjoy Amateur radio as hobby not as FRS, that is why they come to work in 9M2 land and wish to continue to enjoy the hobby by seeking for reciprocal license. If you look carefully in other country's regulation, it is more complicated than 9m2's. They know what should do and don't.

What's the reason that makes you felt very "over excited" by showing your anger when someone seeking for reciprocal license? In a clear sense, you are trying to tell everyone around the world that you are colour bar. Secondly you are trying to say the person is an idiot as not able to read the rules and regulation!

Stop showing off your unfriendly spirit to the world, it is embarassed that having you being malaysian amateur radio operator!
Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.08am

I do not know how well you understand the Enlish language.
What I said was USA does not have reciprocal arrangement with Malaysia.MCMC says so not me.Is MCMC going to change their rule. If so I support the change.

The question of American RAE is higher that Malaysia RAE does not arise.
Are you aware that US have different RAE Exam for different grades of Licence.My only concern is that MCMC should treat all applications fairly.... whether from US or Congo the same.
To me the more the merrier but regulations and guidelines must be followed.
Dont give a false hope to a potential applicant if you are aware of the rules.


Anonymous said...

Dear "SIRIM and BSS" and all Anonymous (faceless people like me),
Excuse me for saying this, but I shall remain anonymous but proclaim myself as a member of MARTS to clarify matters:

Are you representing yourself when you said [quote]" If so I support the change." [unquote]. (Why am I so stupid, I can't be quoting from an anonymous...hahaha...boinggg...)

If I may use the phrase again, "Please Use the Channels Provided By Your Societies When Supporting Any Policy Changes. Individual say does not carry much weight" as one blogger puts it.

So do things constructively and with sense of belonging to a community (as in a society). I'm not just saying to Anonymous (being one myself - kantui) or to 'SIRIM and BSS' but it is of our best interest to avoid "Cucuk'ing" here and there just to make fun of others (while remaining to be 'Anonymous')

Just another MARTS member waking up from a long silence.