Monday, February 06, 2006

3 more weeks . .

And so the holidays passed . . Back to the grinding stone . .

3 more weeks, then, the MARTS AGM will be called, so hopefully we can all
meet again. Funny, thre are so many comments about people fighting in the AGM . .
I have been to the past 3 AGMS, but I personally have not seen any fights.
A good debate perhaps, but never any fights . . .

I think it is important for all HAM members who are associated with MARTS to
attend this meet, as it is a time to gather the thoughts, on how best to
extend MARTS as the country's premier Amateur Radio Society.

So lets get together and put forth what should be best for us all . .

See you in Penang . . .hopefully.

73's de 9W2MCT - Tony


Anonymous said...

Yes no fight, but HAM from KL act like 'sakai' only...... The young wanted to over thrown the old HAM.. Is this call debate??

Anonymous said...

wah... why so rude eh???
mind clarifying the meaning of "sakai"??? :) :)

Probably the reason behind it is MARTS is something like a Malaysia Amateur Radio Tiada Servis...

Anonymous said...

1st anonymous
leave yr comments at home.
this is not venue for you to condem
whatever some people are doing.
Prove to us that you are a genuine
Ham member and member of MARTS, then only we can accecpt your viewpoint!

9w2axn said...

dear ham ops, satsuit, signals, weak, cold but alive, try picking it up, more details at ->

9W2MCT said...

just curious . . old hams? Young Hams? I thought we share the same interest . . .

I suppose not, if they want to differ themselves . .

I am keen to find out who 'these old hams' are, because I only know them as hams . . no old no new, which by the way, if one realises, old or new does not matter . .just as long as one contributes .

Its like, say, having old furniture, and using it well, but if it does not serve you well, then it should be replaced by a new one.

Bottom line, ask not what MARTS can do for you but what you can do for MARTS. . .me? I think I have done my part, and will continue to do so . .
73's . .de 9W2MCT ..

9w2Xi - Wilson said...

1st anonymous , are you refering to Ham 'Lama' & Ham 'Baru' ??

Anonymous said...

Luckily all these 'sakai' never hold a 'Parang' on their hand, if not dunno how many 'old HAM' head been chop off by them!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe your head will be 1 of them?

Anonymous said...

Old hams mean 9M.
It's real fun reading U jokers comments.

But some of these comments posted can be considered, deem true and accurate.

The last AGM those KL group behave... YES like sakai. Speak well but generally, NO SENSE OF HUMAN WISDOM.
Childish..... Professional in any society or business do not speak that way.

9W2MCT said...

Anonymous (5.26pm)
I am taking offence in this, because I did bring up quite relevant arguments during the past AGM, all of which the council decide to proceed with the illegal AGM.

As a member who has contibuted my small part, and still do, might I ask you to justify your statement?

As a member, I was saddened by the ignorance of the council, therefore I left the meeting halfway. However, even knowing all this, I decided not to take the action further, as doing so will jeopardise our Society. One that I care for. Even after all this, I have extended my help, and continue to do so, both to the council as well as to SWL's.

I took my time personally to attend the meeting and looked forward to voting people who actually want to move MARTS forward.
Not promote his own agenda, and citing the unimportance of having IARU Recognition. Yes, I am referring directly to our Vice President. I have nothing against him personally, but I am deeply concerned that although he is in KL, no action seemed to have arose from his 'election victory' in terms of improving, I say again IMPROVING MARTS.

Instead, he chose to downplay MARTS, by citing that since we are not growing in numbers, we should therefore cease to be recognised as Malaysia's Premier Amateur Society. Forget about the 52 years of history. Forget about what previous members have done for the society. Forget about improving Amateur Radio in line with the growth as directed by the International body.

Having said all these I harbour no hatred, but just dissapointment, and I continue to hope and help our current council pull through this difficult period by tryng to achieve all they can in KL.

Evedently, MARTS has 'been relegated' to the background, but fortunately, just fortunately, there are many of us who actually have REAL WISDOM in recognising prima donnas . . . .

For the record, I have the transcripts of our meeting with our VP that clearly shows his disinterest in our society.

I am not interested in what others are doing, It is not a race, I am only keen to know who voted our council and why are they not improving our beloved MARTS?

I continue to do so . . . .

de 9W2MCT-Tony
(It would be nice to know who I am actually directing this to . . )

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Let's do something to our fellow KL HAM.... KL HAM is dying.... We need leaders... Those leaders not performing, let's vote them out in next AGM...
Pls behave yourself to those whom walked out from AGM last year, DO NOT repeat again such 'childish' act.... Our country is a full democracy country, those being voted is all based on majorities vote, not a small 'KL' HAM favorite!! So please behave, else we will be call 'sakai' again!!
Ok now on the Friday RAB eyeball issue, come on, who wanna start a eyeball from 10pm till 2-3am next day?? Not every one here has the honour to work 5 days a week!! So pls, change the time to 8pm - 11.30pm(At most), those whom are not working on Saturday, go ahead till 4am next day!!
So KL HAM, wake up, so something for our own good, else be called 'sakai' by other HAM in MARTS..... 73

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... I tought that Hams is Malaysia are united.... gotta think twice now...

All this issue of having names but not performing shouldn't be happening...but it does..whos fault??? the supporters lah...

On other things of MARTS, I think it's not only Hams from Peninsular is dissapointed,.even Borneo Hams is also aking... what is MARTS doing???

I think the clubs below MARTS is even more active with activity.

So... which clubs or society shall we join?? So many clubs but yet, there is still comments of very little Hams in Malaysia??? hmmmmm

So, MARTS will have to buckle up and HAMS in Malaysia will be happy to be part of MARTS and will happily extend their part.

Members will stay in that club/society if its good.. but they will certainly go away if it's full of crap..

Oh.. what am I talking about here??? well.. talking crap I guess....

Anonymous said...

Very fortunated that our country MALAYSIA is not suffering from what the MARTS members currently facing.

Just imagine, our daily newspaper if due to misleading informations circulating and groups trying to challeng and destroy each others. How the country will become???

Sorry, to those that R NOT???

Come on... please weak up you guys. Do not fight... solve the differences and let those want to be the BOSS have the title BOSS.

Ham is a good hobby to play radios, to seeks technical / share accurate expreciences. Not just bullshiting those SWL and new hams their know how Q codes operating produre and those common general radio knowledge.
They are not silly they will catch up very soon and could be much better.

What U guys actually wants from MARTS???
TO ABOLISHED CW??? Is this the issue??? This can be done. NO PROBLEM LAH.
MARTS / MCMC will soon come to the conculsion with proper documentation.

Now, how many 9W dxing on HF???
Perhaps, few active and majority don't and can't even afford a HF rig and those antenna accessories. So want is the different if given the A licence. The 6 N 10meters was open to 9W and how many goes on AIR?

Anonymous said...


I pressume this comments came from a rich fella who have lots of money buying those rigs and antenna accessories... and perhaps also the 9M...

Is this issue,... none of it is involving our multi-racial community in Malaysia. It would be a shame if such person like YOU is assuming that the ham community live that way here...

CW or not CW, should not be the reasons why license are limited.
what happen if I know CW but dont bother to know the SOP, R&R and do's and don'ts in amateur???


DOnt just think for yourself who actually passed in 9W and then upgraded to 9M just because of the ability of CW... perhaps maybe you just passed "nyawa-nyawa ikan"....

Honestly, I think license shall not be classified based on the ability on CW. It should be more towards the understanding of rules n regilations and operating procedure, understanding the RF principles and intermediate E&E.

Anyway, whatever it is... this really shows that the Ham in Malaysia is full of craps! It's clearly stated that Ham is to gain self knowledge.

Thinking about this, I wonder if I shall sit for coming exam. Being a SWL for few months already exposed to the dark side of the ham really turns me off.


Anonymous said...

and perhaps... how many 9M really utilised their Class A license???

Anonymous said...

I agreed that at some 9M now do not go on CW but again during the HAM standard ruling worldwide they have to complied and put big efforts to learnt the CW. Otherwise, they can't even TX the 2meters.

You guys are pure lucky now for 2m 70cm 6m and 10m.

I am not referring the riches but it's the fact that not many goes on HF except the 9M.

The abolishment will take place soon but very much depending on MCMC. So have to wait....
So what if A licence is open to you guys? Unless, your focus and interest is on HF dxing.

Yes, CRAPS all round but still there is some good hams around.
U hv to find out who they are???

Marts News said...

It is encouraging to note the many different replies to different viewpoints.
This blog strongly discourages it's bloggers from touching on the issues of Religion,Politics (in reference to state governance) and sex.
However, that does not mean it encourages ANONYMOUS Bloggers from touching on other senitive subjects. If you identify yourself, fine. You may do so.

In other words, if you intend to create a string, please make it easy for others to know you and your points.
You don't hear consumer groups using the acronym 'ANONYMOUS' when they point an issue towards the goverment, do you?

Yes. In touching on the sensitive issue of sentiments, someone is bound to feel it personally.

Referring to this blog, it was set up with clear intentions. It has somewhat been turned into a bureau for MARTS, in collecting grouses, and assisting new members, NO COMPLAINT FROM US HERE. We gladly welcome this for the good of MARTS, and HAM in general.

What we dislike is this; it appears that there are others who 'fan the issue' without identifying themselves. The moderators of this blog is certainly being pushed to te limits, and would consider disallowing 'unwanted public opinion'.
In the spirit of blogging, please do not push us that way, and stand up and be a man . . .for once.


Anonymous said...

Dear HAM,
Let's stop all critics, accusation n argumentment n start giving positive suggestion for the benefit of our fellow HAMs...
For example like what is anonymous 9.42 said, change the regular RA meeting to 8.3pm, any comment??

Anonymous said...

Dear HAM,
Let's stop all critics, accusation n argumentment n start giving positive suggestion for the benefit of our fellow HAMs...
For example like what is anonymous 9.42 said, change the regular RA meeting to 8.3pm, any comment??

Sion Chow Q. C. (9W2QC) said...

I refer to anonymous 5.50 PM.

>So what if A licence is open to you guys? Unless, your focus and interest is on HF dxing.

I would like to voice out that I have no interest in HF anymore, but I still want the privillages of the A license. Why?? Because it gives us microwave privillages.

HF is utilised by 9Ms, but rememeber MICROWAVE BANDS ARE UTILISED BY NO ONE!!! Do you want to risk loosing them also, like what nearly happened to the 70 CM band some time ago?

Sion Chow Q. C.,

Anonymous said...

Yes.. we want DXing...

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
No point we argue bout A or B license, is beyond our control, this issue is in MCMC hand, so why argue over here? Why not give some constructive suggestion to improve our HAM existence in the society?? What has MARTS done in the past few years?? Let's put our hand together, throw out all those differences, start a new capter by building our image in the society and even nation, what u guys say??

Anonymous said...

MARTS was an excellent society in the late nineties.It was well respected by JTM and other foreign societies and IARU Region 3. Its members were very cooperative and we work together.The shit began when Zakran 9w2zn took over the Presidency.He was busy with his work.He let Zol 9w2ac to act on his behalf.In fact he cant control Zol.
Zol had a a few cronies in MCMC. He even obtained a permanent pass to enter MCMC premises at PWTC. This pass was later withdrawn due to misuse.They decided that MARTS assist MCMC in running the RAE.The pandora box was opened.Corruption began.Friends and cronies passed their exam after paying some toll.
Look at how many crony's wives and children passed the exam. They were told not to mark the answers instead leave them blank so that the examiners will mark the correct answer later.The prime actors were Zol. Zu , Suresh and a few others.In fact this was reported to MCMC by individuls and ASTRA.Then the assistance by MARTS was no more required instead got Telekom Malysia staff to assist.
There was manipulations of finance. More that RM20,00 was approved to purchase repeaters for linking but no linking until today.
May be Sharanjit can answer.
The older members got fed up . Many did not renew their memberships others keep away fron MARTS.9M2SS one time Director of IARU is not a member anymore. Without his effort we may not have the tax exemption for ham equipment. I agree with the last write that we forget the past and start fresh but please do not forget the contributions in the past by 9m2ss, 9m2rs,9m2za,9m2wt,9m2cm,9m2lc and many many more.If not for them there wont be any 9w2 on the air now.Be grateful like like being grateful to your parents , without them you wont be in this world.
If you desire to hold a post in MARTS,do it with sincerity.

Have a nice day. You dont have to believe what I say...investigate yourselves.

Malu kucing

Anonymous said...

Truly, agreed with the message quoted by Malu Kuching.
The 9M hv contributed much efforts to the formation of 9W and tax excemption.
People have forgotten the good deed done by those 9M. Please hv some respect and not to condem the 9M in referring to all messages posted.
So STOP CONDEMING 9M just because of CW and band opening.
If you can't do by 5wpm U R stay as 9W U R just hopeless and I really doubt your ability to further your ham hobby.
DO you know that CW is still made mandatory to Pilot and BEACON signal???
The past already happen and for the new start I would suggest that any misappropriate of soceity fund and cheating case within the fellow HAM members should be reported to POLICE.
A WARING to those HAM conmen trying to take advantage on SWL or young ham.

Anonymous said...

I think, the comments about CW has nothing to do to dis-respect the 9Ms... we really respect the 9Ms whoever they are..

The concern is actually who is the leading the MARTS now??? 9Ms or 9Ws is not a concern... the concern is...

Are those people who is currently leading MARTS is leading MARTS and the whole amateur radio society in Malaysia to the way where it is supposed to be???? If the answer is yes... this thread/topic will not get to this extend of length...

Anonymous said...

Yes... we want a leader who can lead our hobby and community to a better extend... Forget about the Class A or Class B license.. we want Class A leadership...

Anonymous said...

funny . . . .reading the comments from anonynmous 10.56am and Malu Kuching. It seems that they are all for MARTS to continue. I have a question, there are plenty of 9Ms in support of coming together to 'revive' MARTS. I suppose that is why we have 9M2CL, KT and the current council. Notice why I did not mention 9M2RS? Well your guess is as good as mine. He is the VP voted by his cronnies, and is he reviving MARTS? Why not check your facts, Malu Kching? He was against the ppl who had MARTS in their hearts in the last meeting. Till now, I see some KL guys trying their best to promote MARTS. Sadly in the eyes of all membership growth is used to measure up the success of the society. Why is it that I do not see the VP doing his part? Perhaps his interest lies in a different group. e has successfully infiltrated the Council, and created another mess.

ave a nice day, if you don't believe, Investigate yourself . .

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
Even if it is not an election year, you should still attend this meeting.

If it is true what Malu Kuching said is true, then how is it that no action was taken. It is easy to accuse, it is even easier to slander, but to have the facts?

I don't judge people, but if I have the evidence (such as what was said to me by a council member)
Then I would raise the matter.
As for you naming names in your comments, these accused are not even in the current council.
If that is the case, why haven't these 9Ms that you mentioned contributed in the last 3 years?
Since I have been a member, the last three years, yes, there were some who did not do their job, but right now, it is more important for us to figure out how to right the ship, not rock it further.

Remember, the last AGM itself was 'illegal' given the notices, and the way the election was pushed through.

Forget about that, lets see if they are doing the job , we want them to do.

Let's hear it . . .

Anonymous said...

To impliment new ruling in the hand of MCMC.
NO ONE CAN OVER RULE THE CW MATTER. If MCMC decided to stay enforced and the way those messages posted it is not healthy for MARTS members or to any club and society. It reflects trouble makers and the 5WPM is just like learning ABCDEFG.... if U can't YOU stay as 9W that's it.

Do U know that in USA they do with 30WPM for class A licence. So what is 5WPM??? Follow instructions
and if MCMC decided to abolish CW good for 9W. Otherwise, U stay as 9W. No excuse/blame that because of CW U can't work on others mode. U do not hv the choice this is ruling.

WOW!!! 9W want shortcut to rise vote for the abolishment of CW.
If MALAYSIA CITIZENS act like HAM fellows in this way the parliment will be over thrown and every months NEW PRIME MINISTER.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

anonymous 4.51pm,
No need mentioned CW any more in this case, is beyond our control... Please give solid suggestion as per few anonymous above, improve our MARTS in the society, So please give suggestions not condem!!

Mr Suggestion

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:31pm,

I agree with you... no pint of trashing each other here... why dont all of us agree to one issue... improve MARTS again and lead our beloved hobby towards like those in other countries.. lead our ham community into harmonious community....

Anonymous said...

Well, well to get a CAR driving licence u have to first take the theory highway code test and then the praticle CAR driving on the road test inorder to get the full licence. Same here to be a completance ham operator you take the RAE test which is a simple objective test with some luck u will pass. Very general electronics theory??? So CW is just like CAR on the road test very important.
Any supports to the above comments.

Sion Chow Q. C. (9W2QC) said...

I refer to anonymous 2.04 AM.

>So CW is just like CAR on the road test very important.

Road test is important because it makes sures that one can handle the vehicle on the real roads safely. This is important to ensure the safety of the driver, the passengers as well as other users on the road.

BUT CW TESTING IS IMPORTANT TO AMATEUR RADIO??? HAHAHA ... Maybe I am wrong here, but please explain to me how important it is? And are there any type of communications that are only possible with CW?

Sion Chow Q. C.,

Anonymous said...

anyonymous 9:12AM

since you can read CW..U also belong to the group now in jail!

therfore stop giving us your negative comments!

there are some people that are going to revitalise MARTS..get off our backs!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9.12AM,

For that reason I may consider learning... but only when I am in jail....ha hah ha.. just joking..

Let's end the trashing for the sake of Ham Radio.... let the authority decide.... there are the "tuan tanah". But again.... who knows what might happen....

Happy Valentines Day to all Amateur Radio Operators in Malaysia... be it 9M or 9W, OM, YL XYL.... young or old....cheers..... 73s

Anonymous said...

We are not criminals but prisonal of war go to jail for defencing the country. Sending CW to safe our country and people.
That is one of the good reason to know CW???

Marts News said...

CW is so important that there are stations using FOUR LETTERED WORDS. Here, we would like to stress that we are a forum to discuss, not bashing each other.

ALl annonymous postings will be removed with immediate effect.

Martsnews.Blogspot would like to encourage useful debates for the good of HAM in Malaysia, unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of unidentified voices, in this blog. We welcome one and all, be it MARTS, MARES, ASTRA, or whoever you belong to. If all the anonymous voices are immature to post this messages inciting each other, then we shall continue the censorship. Unfortunately, this is not the best solution but most healthy.

Anonymous said...

U guys tak habis habis with CW... What so important of CW?? Pls list it down...
N now is time to give constructive suggestions... Wat v should do to improve our BELOVED MARTS... pls... no more CW...

Anonymous said...

I dont know lah...
Some say you could save our country and people with CW... but I wonder how...Nowadays it is so hi-tech.... Yet, some people say it's not practical anymore.. so.. mana satu betul???

Like this kah... I think I dont want to take exam lah.. maybe change interest better... no "politic" involve... you know what hobby??? Pancing Ikan maybe better... or maybe,..Play Station.... he he he he heh...

Bye Bye Amateur Radio... I tak sempat nak ambik exam... banyak sangat orang buat perangai. lah..

I may re-consider my intention if I see this community really into what ham radio is all about...

SWL sudah sangkut.
Walter S.C
Kuala Lumpur.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is forcing you to take up amateur radio.

If you want angkat taik pun that's your business not ours.

So happy angkat taik

Anonymous said...

haiya anonymous 11.25pm,
We as HAM must encaurage ppl to take up tis hobby la... Not brash ppl off la.. So walter SC, wat u c in tis blog here proven tat we, HAM is fully democratic, u can stress ur own point here, but not everybody agree with u, for example, if I say current Miss Malaysia is not good looking bcoz too skinny, u might not agree, so is healthy debates... No argument, no improvement!!
I sugeest tat:
1) MARTS KL set up a club house, so HAM can have regular meeting place at their free time, not RAB only
2) Setting up 2nd link to link up MARTS fr North to South, current RKK is a bit too quite
3) Cutting cost of renewing membership card by giving 3 years membership, of coz member have to pay 3 years membership fees la...
4) MARTS should set up forum for MEMBERS ONLY like this martsblog, encaurage healthy duscussion
5) Having more combine activities between interstate members, cut down misunderstandings especially between KL & Penang.
Those r my personally, view, any comment on it??

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3.22am,
I agree with your comments.

However, the comments by 11.25 is really annoying.. I did not say that I am forced to take this hobby.. I was interested in the beginning but kinds turned off after getting to know the current situation here.
Of course it's not your business... but is this how you carry yourself in the current ham community??? I think it's the person like you who seems to be a "dont care, not my business" attitude also the factor of why the ham community not united....

I am just pointing out my dissapointement whereby the hobby that I intended to take is in a mess.... after all, it's not only me.. even the current hams is also dissapointed... except you anonymous 11.25.. it's simply because it's not his business..

Just my honest opinion..

Walter S.C
Kuala Lumpur.

Martsnews.Blogspot said...

Dear Walter,

Firstly, let me say, if you are truly an Amateur Radio Hobbyist, what happens in the community should not affect your interest.
It is obvious that your interest lies elsewhere. True, the HAM community here seems to be in tatters, but it is obvious that you do not know those who are active are never put off by these 'issues'.
The problem, like any other associations or even political parties, are always present, hell, even in families. When one chooses to 'side' another party without knowing the true intent.
If you truy do not want to be a licensed ham, then all I can say is you will probably miss out on the activities. (Not that it is aa big deal). As for the suggestions by 3.22am, they are all good.
FYI, linking is ongoing, and I want to find out more when in Penang. AliB or your ref as RAB is just a meeting point. Fortunately, it is quite central, for Kepong, Damansara, PJ, Subang ppl to get to, and it has free Wifi. That helps us to get on the net as well as conduct EQSO?echolink trials if any. Truly, this is just an eyeball place. It has never been and will never be a club house! It so happens that there is a uniquewall in this place where HAMS can place their prints, much like Hard Rock. It was purely creative on the part of the owner, who is a non ham, and now it has become a practice. So those of you who have misconceived this place, now you have a better picture.
HAMS, from MARES, MARTS, ASTRA , Vsixers, K2oC, GTI Club and now mini gruppe have visited and eyeballed here. However, coincidentally, there are somevery loyal and active MARTS members here too.
As for the blog, our hits, speaks for itself, and we hope that this will continue to be a healthy forum for the local HAM community. FYI, there are others who come to this blog to see as well, so let's behave like the adults that we are and continue to voice for what is truly best for us.

de Martsnews.Blogspot

Anonymous said...

Dear Martsnews and all licensed hams,

As I said earlier, I will still reconsider of pursuing this hobby since it is very interesting. But I sincerely hope that the existing community will grow with more people at heart.

I am only giving my view. I am sorry if my previous post sound bad. The reason of me saying "turned off" is because if current situation is not improving, the will be no difference in the future.

Well, I hope the issue here will be resolved and everyone who is interested in this hobby will gladly pursue their interest and perhaps sit for the exams to be a licensed ham.

With a very good ties among all hams, I sincerely think it will also reduce the pirate activities.

Last but not least, I apologized if I have hurt someones feeling here. I am just voicing out my views..

Walter S.C

Anonymous said...

Walter S.C,
Well happy to see that the comment from anonymous 11.25pm do not shatter your desire to be HAM members.... Walter boleh..... Come join us in RAB or any other eyeball sections... Look forward to see u on air...

Uncle Fair