Friday, February 17, 2006

9M2RUK & Linking Repeater Site Visit

17 February 2006 - 9M2CL Bob (Secretary of MARTS 2005-2007) with MOTOROLA Officials, Charlie Teoh (9W2TE) and Edward Yeoh (9W2EY) went up to the Ulu Kali Telekom Tower for a detailed site vist, accompanied by Telekom Malaysia's EnAbdul Rahman (Selangor Manager) En Ramli (Nationwide Manager) as well as En Yahcob (Ulu Kali Manager) today. The objective of this visit was to determine the most suitable location for the installation of the MARTS Nationwide 2m Link set up, sponsored by MOTOROLA. (Through Motorola's generosity, the link will be a reality by June/July this year. Incidentally, they have recently completed a similar visit to Brinchang, and phase two will hopefully be completed soon.)

With the notice given ahead of time, the KL Regional Office, managed to dispatch a team from KL to do some rectification works on 9M2RUK. Unfortunately being a weekday, most stations who are deskbound were not able to make the trip. So it was thanks mainly to 9M2CM-Thommy Lim, 9M2CF - Chow WC and 9W2MCT - Tony Yew who rounded up the numbers .
A very big thank you to 9W2NAL - Zainal for his contribution of RG8u cable (30m) for the restoration of 9M2RUK, but due to the lack of equipment (and professional rigger!) an assault on the antenna was not done. However, a very detailed check up has revealed what ails our 9M2RUK.
1. The repeater itself has decreased power output (it has been decommisioned for 2 weeks beginning 17 Feb 2006)
2. The Antenna setup seriously needs to be replaced/serviced (the SWR reading was a high 3!)
All in all, it was a good and fruitful visit by the team, and a big big thank you to TM Malaysia for their assistance (Sure, the site visit meant that there is a charge by TM Malaysia, yes, don't oooh and ahhh, it is standard that TM charges for these visits by their engineers!)

So, now that we are on the move, do you still think that this is a useless rumor mongering, waste of time blogsite? You be the judge . . .

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9W2xyz said...

Thank you thank you thank you for climbing up that hill, fellows. You know who you are.

Owe you one.

9M-10278 said...

Well done and much appreciated for all the effort.

Wish I had the time too...

Anonymous said...

I wish I have sit & passed the RAE also send/receive morse code at 12 wpm and get my 9M2.

Born unlucky.

9W2xyz said...

Dont wish. You want it go get it. Then you can play at your 12 wpm.
Why 12, most people would find you too slow.

Aim higher. No one is born unlucky. YOu are only unlucky if you are
born dead.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am lucky but some people are luckier. The dont have to sit for RAE and CW test yet get 9M2 call and talk a lot.