Friday, January 27, 2006

Eyeball . .27th Jan 2006 . .Where else?Ali B..

At first it was a trickle of stations . .9W2GU - Hamid, and then 9W2ICE - Bob . .
Before long, and they poured in . . .9W2VA-Andy, 9W2MAL -Mal arrived.
Due to the earlier bomb scare in IBM Towers, most patrons thought they were Penguins!!
9W2SAL - Salim (and ...YL), and the V-sixers joined in soon after.

It was a nice atmosphere with stations exchanging notes, and Gong Xi, Gong Xi's!
9W2WIL -Wil and 9W2SSJ - Suchart were soon remeniscing about yesterday's eyeball . .or rather Cold One . .
9M2DS- Pak Dollah, arrived with 9W2HRG - Hanif, and 9W2CCW -Hassan with XYL'.
9W2RNJ- Man Belon was in toe, with his Home Minister . . .in his words. . .'mesti bawa XYL, nanti tidak dapat visa' . . .Hi Hi
Of course, it would not have been complete if there weren't enough 9M to sign the forms, would there?
9M2CJ - Thiam was busy putting his 'autographs' in place . .
Among the others, were 9W2DTR - Dexter, . . .Oh, we also welcomed a new 'Alan', VSixer, and did I mention he will be known as the slimmer one?
Among the later arrivals were 9W2AXN-Adlind, and 9W2EE- Sharil.

Those who missed this? Come join in the eyeball next time, I am sure it was not just bullshit
being exchanged, also there were hardly any rumour mongering, and definately no talking about other people's business!!

What transpired was a good eyeball, with new friendships beginning, and equipment knowledge exchanged . . . . and lots of Gong Xi, Gong Xi!

(As this was going into print, Mr Lim 9W2BGL- and 9W2CKC - Ken arrived to thunderous welcome . .)

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