Wednesday, February 08, 2006

'Suitsat' copied . .Syabas 9W2QC

Syabas to 9W2QC-Sion for having QSL the 'Suitsat' transmission.

This is copied from his return comment to our earlier 'Suitsat' posting;

I have solved the recording problem. The recording is now available at Scroll all the way down until you find "SuitSat Audio from 9W2QC, Malaysia"There are 2 files here namely part1.mp3 and part2.mp3. If you listen carefully to part2.mp3 starting at 31 seconds length, you will hear a female's voice saying "This is SuitSat-1 Amateur Radio.........." In part1.mp3 there is a male's voice saying something like "6" but its too brief and i am not sure if this is in English.The voice is deeply buried in the noise and you may need to play it several times especially if you are not used to listen to such weak signals.Thank You.73,Sion Chow Q. C.,9W2QC.

Sion, you are undoubtedly a true amateur in heart. Another first, and hopefully we will be able to be spurred on by your many successful experiments . . .

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9W2MCT said...
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Marts News said...

We apologise for the need to remove the comments from Anonymous 1.31pm.
It is unwaranted, and the need to acknowledge Gurus, and Sifus or Mentors, is entirely up the the individual. The comments posted was deemed uncalled, and we seek the anonymous blogger to repost, if he intends to.
Further, If Anonymous needs to contact 9W2QC, his email is cearly stated in the comments posted earlier.

For the record, this is the first posting of comment ever removed by the moderators.