Monday, January 29, 2007


Dear Friends!!

Time has come for us to carry on the good work and do another charity drive at Alibaba Restaurant TTDI. This time to 5 orang Asli villages in Bukit Ibam Rompin. We have information that their village are very badly affected by the flood and todate no relief has been sent to them. These are the kind of people that our team of Amateur Radio can be effective in our charity drive. Fully equipped with off-road vehicle we can come in and support those out of reach from government and corporate help.

We have received information from the local Balai Polis that these villages were cut off due to the floods and some were flooded with 6 ft of water and are in dire need of food and clothing supplies.

Again , their problem is just beginning, like most of you have seen in our previous charity drive these people don't even have a house to go back to unlike the city victims. Compared to Segamat Kecil, they are in worst situation and they need your help . We also need volunteers who are professionals in off-roading as theses tracks are challenging. These areas are extremely remote ! those planning to go must be prepared.

We, friends of RKK amateur radio will support our HAM off-road team by having this charity event. We do not accept monetary donations. You can donate items which will be purposeful for the flood victims such as used clothes, school clothes, stationary items for the school children, and dry and basic food stuff amongst others. No perishable items, please. This is purely on a voluntary basis amongst friends of Amateur Radio and we appeal that you donate generously.

So far we have collected many items from members of the public and HAM members. Plus we have balance from previous charity drive.

So, come on down and drop-off your donations at the Ali Baba Restaurant - No. 10 & 12 Jalan Wan Kadir TTDI - Behind the old IBM building. Our collection point will open Wednesday night 31st Jan 2007 at 8.00pm until morning. The convoy will leave by 9 am Thursday morning.

We assure you that items donated will go directly to the villages concern. This is an opportunity for us to join hands and contribute to a worthwhile cause. Those who would like to join the convoy and assist in the handling and distribution of the relief items can join us by contacting organizers below.

These people need your help!.

Thank You

For further information you call Aiznin 9W2SBS at 012-2937837

Or call 9W2AXE Azhar 0192225724 .

email received from 9W2ICE


Anonymous said...

To Azhar ang the Gang, I wish all the best . May your good efforts
partially relieve the sufferings of the flood victims.
Drive carefully and bon voyage.

silent supporter

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. We need words of encouragement. We try our best.
God bless!

Anonymous said...


May God bless you safely..back in one piece..

-Princess Leia_

bigbear said...

KUDOS to AXE and SBS for taking effort to organise this charity drive to help the asli folks in Bkt Ibam. I have received calls from as far as Terengganu and Johor Bahru asking me to join them. From info received.. it sounds like it going to be a fun outing... helping the folks there. I've been to this area many years ago and believe me.. they really do need our help. So you guys out there.. chip in
Once again... Kudos to all of you who are chipping in in money or kind. May God bless u all...

See u in Bkt Ibam.

Anonymous said...

We have a ham friend in Bukit Ibam.
If any member of the convoy require any assistance while in Bukit Ibam, he may be able to assist.

Rusli 9M2RB 012 3850199 the other one
9M2MKA Dr. Khairuddin, I dont have his phone no. He owns a clinic in Muadzam Shah.He is a 4X4 kaki.

All the best.

2x2 kaki

bigbear said...

Update: 9m2rb is no more residing in Muadzam Shah.... 9m2kma is still there with many more hams... namely 9w2kdy, 9w2don, 9w2htt, and there are about 16 more.

Anonymous said...

UPdate AXE/SBS Charity Drive to Bkt Ibam. The collection of supplies / contribution has surpassed the expected figures! As of 2330 hrs, a 3 tonne pick up had to be called in to reinforce the convoy. Collection ranged from Rice/Dry food/sanitary care/toiletries/oil/clothes/and the likes of it! Given that the need for additional pick space was required, a quick collection was made towards this purpose.
Syabas, the two expedition leaders would like to thank each and everyone for their consideration.

de Moderator

Anonymous said...

3 cheers to "Ali Babas"

Hip.. Hip... Hooray
Hip.. Hip.., Hooray
Hip.. Hip... Hooray

Anonymous said...

Why only 3 hoorays ?.
I will give the 99 hoorays.
They have sacrificed their time , money and energy for the unfortunate citizens of this country.
May they continue to do this charity drive from time to time .

Hooray x 99 = 99 hoorays

bigbear said...

Was at base camp.. but only for a few hours but saw the support they got.. hams from Kuantan came in 2 4 wheel drives in the night to show their support. Hams from Muadzam Shah provided the info needed and also went with the convoy into the interior. The rest... I'll leave it to AXE and SBS to tell the story..... but it was both exciting and enjoyable to see all u guys doing good for the less fortunate.. hope this would be a continue effort

bigbear said...

hehehhehe... not forgetting the hams from segamat.... sorry folks