Wednesday, January 03, 2007

1st 2m Net on MARTS NAT LINK

31st December 2006 marked another milestone for Amateur Radio Operators in Malaysia.
Spearheaded by 9M2DS Pak Dollah, the founder of local 2m Celebration Net, a 2m net was conducted both over the National link frequency of MARTS (first 2m net over National 2m freq) and local to Klang Valley on 9M2RKK.
The event which took place in Ali Baba, a local Amateur Radio community with mostly Marts members, kicked off at 2030 hrs (see 2 postings below with all checked in stations over 2m net)
and ended at about 0200 hrs on 1st January 2007.

At least another 30 stations were on location enjoyng their barbeque which was organised by 9W2AXE/ICE. Each station contributed RM15.00 and they certainly had their monies worth!
Special mention to the chef of the day, 9W2XYZ - Alan, which provided his expertise in that area!
(Unfortunately there were no more evidence of the leftovers to convince those who were not there to taste his handywork!!)

Due to location problem, (too much background noise!) a portable station was set up some 100 meters away to continue the 2m net midway.

well done to those who provided vital logistics and manpower!
(please return here to view photos once the undersea cable is restored. Attempts to post photos at myphotosite failed due to bandwidth problem)


Anonymous said...

No mood to comment.!!!!!
Nothing fascinating or special

Anonymous said...

Hello, there is something special

All those checked in said

qrx qru
qrx qru

qrx qru

qrx qru

qrx qru

qrx qru........

maybe they are all learning the Q code

Anonymous said...

With attitude like the above 2 anons,MCMC shud pull your licences.
You are both not fit to hold it!
Go read what a Amateur Radio Assigment Holder must qualify.

Anonymous said...

I came across this blogspot accidently.
To qualify for AA , a person need to pass the RAE, fill up the form, sign the statutory declaration and pay the necessary fees.You must read the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 Multimedia Act, then you will know under what circumstances the AA can be revoked. Bodoh punya orang.

I noticed that the q code QRX is grossly misused
According to ARRL Handbook
QRX means
" When will you call me again ? or I will call you again at ____ hrs ( on
... Mhz. )"
QRU means Have you anything for me ?or
I have nothing for you.
When a person say qrx, qru I dont know what is the meaning.Even the so called veteran ham 9M2DS says the same thing.
Most of the time the microphone is refered as PTT. PTT is part of the mike.It is just like someone calling the tryes as a car.You speak onto the microphone you dont speak onto the ptt.
Will somebody correct this error.

Dont let the world laugh at Ali Baba Junkies.

non junky

Anonymous said...

wah... is it??? wah you very good lah!! thank you very much...

Anonymous said...

non junky..

maybe you get it wrongly or.. you bodoh punya orang dont understand English...
go back to your shack and read it again.. if you still dont get it... go fly kite...

Anonymous said...

The one who say 'Bodoh punya orang'.

PTT as a mic, V6 as a car, 4WD as a offroad vehcile

its common way of talking

you dont say that you never heard that before?