Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Gentle Reminder

The Internet does not operate in a legal vacuum. This phrase has recently been used more often than not in view of recent developments in the Malaysian Blogsphere. (here for more on this).

This blog was created in good spirit, to serve as a forum for MARTS members initially to air and share their views on the development in the Society. However, its been almost two years now, and we have grown to be known 'as the Blog' or Ali B, or Ali B Junkies, as some would say it.
We remain a group of HAM enthusiast who share common interest, not limited to Amateur Radio, but as most can see, to other interest like Paintball, Off Roaders, etc.

The one thing that still persist though is the numerous unwanted comments, that anonymous bloggers choose to post. This blog did undergo some strict censorship by the moderators, but backed by the numerous calls by regulars, this blogsite has reverted to the previous operating method whereby comments are now loosely moderated, and personal identified attacks are strictly censured, and will continue to do so.

Here, we would like to remind all users gently, that given the developments in recent days, we would like to inform you that this blog, in serving as a forum, will not stand for unwarranted defaming statements to each and everyone of our visitors.
Here, the moderators of this blog would like to inform all who would like to post their comments that all postings and those responsible for it are liable in any event. Such, we hope that you would post comments in spirit of this blog (please refer to Blog Statement).

In the meantime, please continue to send your messages for postings if you so wish, and hopefully you will be able to benefit from this blog.

de moderator

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Anonymous said...

Freedom to write comes with responsibility.
You must be responsible for what you write. As the Malays say : Jangan buang batu sembunyi tangan "
Be fair to yourself and to your fellow amateur friends.God have created us as human beings so behave like human beings.You have the right to express your opinions as long they are not offensive. So let us have a gentleman way of discussing matters pertaining to amateur radio.
Hope 2007 will be a better year for all uf us.

Always cool