Monday, January 08, 2007

Do your part for the Flood Victims


We would like to make an announcement that we are making a collection for flood victims in the aftermath of recent flooding in the Southern States. A group of concerned Amateur Radio Operators active on 9M2RKK who are also ‘AliBi Junkies’ are putting our hands together for a common cause to assist with relief efforts to the recently affected flood victims in the more remote areas of the south. There are those who have been missed out by help from the mainstream political groups as well as govt aid agencies.(here for pix)

This is an opportunity for any Amateur Radio Operators and their friends to make a contribution towards this cause.
We have gathered a team to deliver medical assistance and food stuff to the flood victims in these areas.

Our group of friends in this initiative are - 9W2PO-Ong, 9W2YZ-Lim, 9W2TQQ-Teoh, 9W2BOI- Boi, 9W2EET-Francis, LOGISTICS- 9W2ZIZ- Aziz, 9W2BIL - Nabil, 9W2ICE - Arshad, and many more.

It doesn’t matter how small the items may be, e.g. a tin of milo, powdered milk , diapers…etc. This is purely on voluntary basis and we appeal that you donate generously.

So far we have collected items worth 3K from generous HAM members.

This is an opportunity for us friends to do our part for the flood victims no matter how small the contribution. We do not accept any monetary donations.

A collection point will be opened at Ali Baba Restaurant on Friday, 12th January 2007 from 8pm.

We also welcome anybody who is keen to convoy together with us for a good cause but cars have to be fully equipped.

Amongst the items needed by flood victims are:-

Personal clothing ie. T shirts, towels, pants, blankets etc in sanitary condition
Food stuff ie. Canned food, rice, milk, sugar salt, instant food, water etc
Hardwares ie. Cooking pots, ‘kwali’ (WOK), matchsticks, etc

However, priority will be given to foodstuff.

‘Towards a good cause, let’s all do our part’ - 9W2AXE- Azhar



Anonymous said...

The flood happened on 19th Dec 2007.
Good of you all to give a helping hand and do your part to assist the flood victims.It was wise on you parts not to collect cash otherwise accusations of fraud will appear.

They say it is better late than never.

May God bless all of you for good deeds.

Marts News said...

QSP from 9W2PO, most of these orang Asli do not take instant noodles, so appreciate if odles, to change it to those who intend to donate Instant noodles to change it to Rice Vermicelli/mihun/bee hoon, whichever you are more familiar with.

Anonymous said...

Beggars have no choice. Even a Muslim can eat pork IF there no other food and IF he does not it he will die.
The moral of the story dont be choosy under this circumstances.

Thank you.

Tok Batin

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys for your good effort to provide assistance to the flood victims.
However the use of non amateur frequecy by members of the convoy in NOT acceptable.
We are not pirates but legal licence holders given by MCMC with proper callsigns.

Non pirate