Friday, February 02, 2007

IBAM Drive Update

As informed by 9W2SBS - Aiznin, the convoy made their way to Ibam without any major problems. Escorted by Satria GTI Club convoy marshalls to Nilai, the convoy has now set up base camp and aid is being delivered as intended.
A further 6 boxes of contributions was received today, courtesy of BumiHiway. This was in response to their internal circulation by way of email, and these contribution arrived at AliBaba this evening at around 4.30pm. Handed over by Cik Masliza & En Razali, the 4 boxes of old clothes and 2 boxes of foodstuff, together with all the used clothes, will be dispatched via another lorry load arranged through 9W2BOI - Boi to depart Ali Baba on Saturday, 3rd February 2007, Ibam bound. Thanks to your support, this is the second lorry load of supplies. The first departed Ali Baba with an estimate load of about 3 tonnes of goods (of Mineral Water /Rice / Instant Noodles /MeeHun)

Again, a big thank you for all those who have supported the move by 9W2SBS/AXE and friends of RKK. Keep your eyes posted here for more updates and pictures on the return of the expedition.

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Anonymous said...

again boys well done!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks guys for all your efforts in making this a success. my humble apologies for any shortcomings. 9W2SBS

Anonymous said...

may god bless all of you..

tony said...

Nice one lah...guys

Anonymous said...

I read a lot of positive comments here. Where have all those negative minded people gone.
Probably hiding under their motherss skirt, cheongsam and

Keep it up guys.

Anonymous said...

long time never come here but always (almost) at the meeting place... ;-)

nice one guys... saw lotsa stuff in alibaba, most of them useful but some... err.. not very sure what to make of it lah..

good to see we, i mean u guys manage to do some good to those in need.. it just show those lepak & tok-kok session is not for nothing.. ;-P

keep it up...!


9W2MCT said...

Hello, long lost fren!
Too busy shooting the bad guys eh?
...err not sure what you meant by..but some. Hi Hi.

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