Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Call for Help continues . .

The incessant rain down south has not helped the victims in any way. As of yesterday, (15th January 2007) Kota Tinggi was completely cut off from , with all roads leading in to the town completely flooded out or worse off, caved in!
MEDICASIA (an NGO) continues its call for help (Read here) and hopefully the response will be something the victims can cheer about.

Most of the members of the 17car convoy has now returned to KL. Keep your browser here as soon as we get updates from our assigned reporters and photographers.

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Anonymous said...

Dont forget to report that the convoy was using simplex frequency outside the allocated amateur band.
To help people does not mean that we can break rules and regulations.


Anonymous said...

how can u say that the frequency was not allocated? Perhaps 9W2SBS had applied for an received permission from MCMC to use the freq - check first lah brader.....

Anonymous said...

Big brader want 2 act knowledgable but do not know so he ta rod U....lah. Mike,please excused him.

Anonymous said...

hoe you know its out of ham band?
you were there and using same freq?
if soo..you also subahat!

Anonymous said...

If you have used the non amateur frequency to accomodate the non amateurs convoy members .. say so
Under what circumstances can MCMC issue this permission.Even permission is given commercial users are supposed to usen non commercial equipments.
What is that Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu rigs doing in the vehicles.
Dont simply twist and turn.

Anonymous said...

Wah, don't play play...it seems that there are 'enforcers' here!
I agree, there should not be any use of 'Off band' frequencies, so if there is any evidence, bring it up!

However, I can tell you that there are also others using off band....

Anonymous said...

Wah.u want to polis the frequency!
The Polis caught you exceeding 105 km/hr.on camera!

Anonymous said...

If you are caught stealing chicken, dont tell thr police that others are also doing it.

What evidence you want?? Just ask the members of the convoy what freq were they using.

That arguement is not valid.

Berhati hati using the radio. Radio waves travels fast.

Anonymous said...

errr....anonymous, 9.39am, just curious if you have a daytime job? If no evidence, go join other bloggers spreading rumours...
don't bother coming here with crap! Oh, I hear if you have time, you can volunteer for the Rescue Crew, who are so proud in telling that if you want to help, MUST VOULNTEER THROUGH THE RIGHT CHANNEL.
Here? It is just a bunch of nice people wanting to help some other people in remote villages with no commercial value..

Anonymous said...

Like that U guys also want to fight....
If NON ham licence not allowed to use ham freq that's it!!!

Those without ham radio licence using radios at yr own risk.
V u/stand that U R responding to help out.
But we do not allowed U guys to work us on the ham freq.

So do those ham guys not to operate off the ham band freq.

Jelo back on the blog.

Anonymous said...

To the brother who have nothing to do but to dig shit from others Hams Ass.
Why you bother on what others ppl do. It's a crime to operate out of Ham's Feq if their did? If it is a crime go and report. Why waste your time here..

Are you trying to some Hero here? No thanks, we dun need SHIT DIGGER here. This Blog been slowing down because of some SHIT DIGGER like you digging some holes here and there.
Go.. go help those who need you.
Opps.. sorry.. even Johor dun need ppl like you there...

Blog reader..

Anonymous said...

Blog Reader,

You said " Why bother what other ppl do "

I say " Dont worry if someone screw your mother. Dont worry because your mother will say dont worry what other p
people do "
It is a duty of a ham to advice fellow ham.
The next time you want to write something THINK FIRST.

Retstram Deilla said...

precisely, think first. And this is addressed to ALL BLOGGERS here.
ASk yourself what is there to gain by all these criticism against one another.

One can see that this blog and the people behind, or rather around it has been trying their level best to make things happen, yet these criticism continues.
It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that there are people out there who continues to shoot down visitors to this blog, whatever their reason.

All I would like to say that I am a fellow Ham, and what 'Ali B' junkies did deserves support. What MARES did during this flood deserves support. Matter of fact what everyone did to alleviate the suffering of the flood victims deserves support.

And to those who continue to wallop this site, go find something better to do. Perhaps, you will get better satisfaction wherever that may be.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh.. May be you THINK BETTER than others. Can see all the finger is pointing at you.

Anonymous said...

So angry.. until mother also involve..

Budak lagi ka?
Pergi la cari tempat lain...

Anonymous said...

Mr Hero
If that was your mother that there screwed, I would come out and HELP.

But if there said something about your mother. I wouldn't be bother what there said about your mother.

Anonymous said...

I think many of you here in this blogspot are childish.
It all started when somenone commented
that the convoy was using non amateur frequency. This is a fact. I monitored them.I was at AB when the convoy left TTDI. In fact this freq was used to accomodate some vehicles do not have amatuers with them or not to allow to hear the QSO.The comment was made to remind that that amateurs should stick to amateur freqs.Saying that 9W2SBS may have applied to MCMC to use the freq is not possible.I know how MCMC works.
I would like to say that all those who have helped the flood victims needs to be appreciated and congratulated whether they are from AB, MARES , ASTRA , Yayasan Salam, MERCY or AMAN Malaysia etc .They have sacrificed their money, time , energy .May God bless you all. Keep up the good work.
To those who cannot express your self in good English please refrain from commenting in this blogspot as your comments can be misinterpreted,.
Vulgar language is not welcomed here.

Deilla Retstram said...

cui bono?

Cura nihil aliud nisi ut valeas.

but well said, anonymous 7:14pm