Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Our plan to transport medical officers and food relief to Kampong Peta in Johor on 13th January 2007 was cancelled due to heavy floods affecting the Keluang to Kahang stretch which had also destroyed 3 bridges linking Kampong Peta.

With the villagers now relocated to higher ground, we decided to convoy to Segamat where we had a few contacts on the ground level. Our plans for medical and relief efforts are now diverted to relief efforts only and donated items have been redirected to other areas as worsening flood situations hampered reach to other parts of Johor.

Our objective was to send donated goods to flood victims who needed them most, especially those cut-off from mainstream government and corporate assistance – and we managed that.

Our group of 16 offroad vehicles comprising 17 Ham and 12 non-Ham members were fully equipped - we even had a boat ready for action. We offloaded half of the load of donations received on Saturday, 13th January 2007, to the worst affected town areas i.e. the 5 villages around Segamat i.e Kg. Batu Badak, Kg. Pogoh 3, Kg Pogoh 2, Kg Tungku 3 and Kg Sekijang.

On the second day, Sunday, 14th January 2007, we made a breakthrough with most effective distribution. We met our objective to distribute your donations to the most needy and neglected flood victims. Through off-road tracks, we were the first to arrive to provide relief efforts to the folks in Kg Orang Asli Segamat Kechil (population of 400) which were cut-off from the main by broken bridges. The balance of our donated goods were unloaded here. Thanks to Tn Hj Abdul Karim bin Hj Harun, the Pegawai Hal Ehwal Orang Asli of Daerah Segamat & Muar who was instrumental in helping us find Kampung Segamat Kechil.

Children and kampong folks came running to greet us. Seeing the people there made all our troubles worthwhile. Houses wiped out by the first flood, even relief shelters was flooded, schools flooded, lost of income due to rain and lost of belongings. The Tok Batin explained that they were the last to get any help and with all the children running to help carry the goods, I noticed Pak Dollah was close to tears. I must say many others tried to hold back their emotions.

We would like to thank all our generous donors - Ham and non-Ham alike – all being united for a good cause. The response was better then we expected with 16 cars packed full. We estimated goods valued about RM7,000 together with bundles of clothing. We were left with one car full of clothes and a bag of 50 kg rice that couldn’t be offloaded to the affected areas. Items are in my possession to be kept for future use.

Thanks to the team effort of our convoy of 4x4 members who went on their own expense and took time off from work for this purpose, especially, 9W2PO, BIL, YZ, BOI, EET, SCM, BON, ICE, SBS, AFY, KYC, CBO, MKK, CBB, KAT, OOM ,VQand finally, our most senior member, 9M2DS. Many wanted to come but couldn’t. Those who didn’t come but helped out with the charity drive – a BIG thank u. Further thanks goes out to Mohd Syahrullaizam Aris (Atan Aris) and 9W2PCK-Choy in helping to identify the relevant villages.

Everyone played a role in this. Our mission accomplished.!!

We cannot do this alone! These people need your help, with all the equipments, off-road vehicles and appropriate gear, we have what it takes to go to the most remote areas. Let us put our differences aside and our hands together and work as a team to achieve our target to bring help to the most needy.
If we have another charity drive join us to help those who need them most.!!

To the person who donated tons of beehoon - Tok Batin says thanks, he loves beehoon!

(Other participants of the convoy include ..Zawalan and Eelyn, Francis & Christine (Ferroza), Sam Lee (XYL 0f 9W2 EET), Foo & Cherlyn, Eric, Madiha (with KAT), Amy and Siow (with YZ)....Also thanks to Amy Leong (friend of YYL) for the food stuff contribution.

Reported by 9W2AXE
Errors omitted thanks to verification from 9W2AXE


Anonymous said...

All I can say is BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO.
This tragedy happened to these people now, who knows it may happened to us
Hopefully all these kind deeds by all of you with have blessings from Al Mighty God.

Volunteer said...

Items collected includes:
1.Used clothes - Mr Lee Beng
2.Tracksuits/Tshirts/Caps - NAVY
3.School Bags & Mosquito Nettings - 9W2VA
& 9W2SSJ
4.Cream crackers/Used Clothes/Powdered Milk /Sardines/Biscuit/Flour/Maggi/Toiletries- Land & General
5.Meehoon - 9W2TQQ & 9W2BTL
6.Rice / Old clothes - 9W2MRZ
7.Rice - 9W2WHO
8.Biscuits/Clothes/Milo - 9W2MKK
9. Jam/Peanut Butter/Colour Pencils
Tea Bags/Milk/Tshirt - 9W2BKL
10.Cooking Aids & Peanut butter - Shiao Chew
11.Face Towels & Mosquito Nets - 9M2RT
12.Biscuits - 9W2ZED
13. Old clothes / Shoes - 9W2AFY
14. Rice - Farah Jihan
15. Beehoon - 9M2CJ
16. Clothes/blankets/Books/Bags-Anonymous
17.Clothes - 9W2SBS /9W2AXE
18.clothes/Shoes - 'James'
19.Rice/Sugar/Children clothes - Abdul Malik
20.Cooking Oil/Biscuits/Maggi/Sugar/Milo - 9W2Sai
21.Clothes/Cooking Oil/Meehoon/Bags/Rice - 9W2BOI
22.Sugar/Biscuit/Kicap/Chili Sos - 9W2MMM
23.Shoes/Clothiing - 9W2YZ-Lim
24.Old clothes/Biscuit - Anonymous
25-Milk powder/Meehoon - 9W2QC/9M2CCO/9W2MAH
26-School books/Clothing - 9W2IBM
27-Old clothes - 9W2LL
28.Snacks/Foodstuff/Milk meehon - 9W2AXE
29. Touch n Go Tol Cards X 14 - Rangkaian Segar Sdn Bhd for convoy use

The above items were collected during the collection center open hours

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marts News said...

Anonymous 7:34pm

Your posting is a personal attack, and as the moderator, may we please remind that all bloggers here are friendly, and kindly refrain from attacking anyone personally. Do take note that these reports above are reported by AXE, through email to the moderator, non edited.

However, if you so wish to send suggestions, you may continue to email the moderator through

Thank you for visiting our humble blog.

Anonymous said...

Why was message deleted ?

Sensitive to racial harmony ?
character assasin ?

If the message is in any of the above category , I agree otherwise let the blog members decide.
In future please state the reason for deletion.

Anonymous said...

thanks to other station like axn,ob,mrz,mtc,mct,ssj,xi,pck,9m2cj,xyz,azlan,mubarak,aoi,tkc,ll,llt,bkl,sai,sal,tu,atu,gu,gl,9w2mmm,and many More......its getting late have to go now thanks....73s...

uncle bobby (ice man)

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the silent ones who did not contribute any items but prayed for safety of the group.

Cheers ... no mud slinging here.

Hi Hi

Anonymous said...

one charity has shown so much inmaturity. charity and not GLORY. so much about press releases. tak payah lar. charity does not need any releases. it's from the heart. QSL??

Anonymous said...


Sumbangan Yayasan Noah kepada MARES untuk Misi Bantuan Banjir
Written by 9W2BBS - Fahroe Ibrahim
Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Salam Sejahtera kepada semua,

MARES dengan sukacitanya memaklumkan kepada semua ahli-ahli, satu sumbangan wang tunai berjumlah RM10,000.00 dari Yayasan Noah, telah diterima oleh MARES pada 16 Januari 2006. Sumbangan ini telah disampaikan kepada Presiden MARES, 9M2AU En Abdul Aziz Mohd Nor oleh 9W2AXE bagi pihak Yayasan Noah.

Sumbangan ini bertujuan untuk membantu mangsa-mangsa banjir di negeri Johor. Sumbangan ini akan digunakan bagi pembelian barang makanan dan keperluan mangsa banjir dan disampaikan kepada mangsa-mangsa banjir, melalui misi-misi kemanusiaan yang akan diadakan dengan kerjasama organisasi lain.

MARES mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada 9W2AXE dan juga Yayasan Noah diatas sumbangan yang diberikan ini. Semoga sumbangan ini dirahmati Allah s.w.t, dan dapat meringankan beban mangsa-mangsa banjir yang sedang berlaku dinegara kita sekarang.

Terima kasih dan 73.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 18 January 2007 )

Anonymous said...

the above comment was put by carefull....

Anonymous said...

I do not know 9W2AXE personally. We have never met or had any QSO>

From the above report he had assisted MARES to receive a donation of RM10,000.00 from a Foundation for flood relief activities.
Are you all aware that MARES was in Segamat within 48 hours to assist flood victims.Their members were the lifeline for communicatios for the Police and JPA3 at that moment of time.A portable repeater was installed there. They stationed their members at Operation rooms of Police and JPA3.They have been going to Johor for the last 4 weekends to further assist victims.

Whats wrong with giving assistance to a group that is doing excellent job in terms of relief work.Is doing charitable work is wrong ???Someone says AXE wants publicity .
I think you people up there must have some mental problem or are you jealous that this donation did not reach you all.AXE does not need publicity,popularity or recognition. MARES was appreciative of his assistance so MARES thanked him by putting it in their website.
Anonymous 6.40pm said AXE put it himself.. What is there for him to gain?. He wants to be President of MARTS or MARES ????
He is not a member of either MARTS or MARES.I do not know about ASTRA.

I know that some people at Ali Baba are desperate for money. They even want to borrow money from some new amteurs even without knowing them.The next time someone approach you to borrow money say NO
because if you refuse he may get mad but if you lend and he does not repay
you become mad so let him be MAD.

Please put some sense in your heads. Our fellow citizens are suffering because of the flood.What you see on TV is just a small fraction of the actual happennings.We do whatever we can to lessen their burdens.If people are doing it,you try assist them. If you cant then SHUT UP.Dont create unnnecessary problems or pass sarcastic remarks to people who want to help.
I understand thet the present President, Vice President and Secretary have refused nominations for the new Council.What is happening in Ali Baba now is that peeople here are clamoring for MARTS council election in FEB 2007.Silent campaign is going on . Everyone is trying to outsmart each other.
There are many conmen around ...beware.

To AXe, I say thank you and I hope to meet you some day over a cup of coffee.

Seek Track

9W2GL said...

For all you people please note that "X" was not in town but was down south helping flood victims yet again, I dont think he has time or access to put up any article as claim by annonymous on 1/20/2007 6:40 PM, what has he done to you what you tell people to beware.

Annonymous on 1/21/2007 9:41 PM, thanks for your word of sopport, I am sure "X" is more then happy to to go teh tarik with you.

9W2xyz said...

Anonymous said...
the above comment was put by carefull....

1/20/2007 6:40 PM

The blogger above not only has no balls, he/she ( probably a he ) cant support his accusations. Tell you how I see it. 9W2AXE has seen how some of us here behave. So, as a 'trustee' of his Yayasan, he has obviously allowed another ham group to administer/distribute the funds. That speaks real well for how some of us behave.

Obviously, he doesnt need the aggravation. I dont see Zawalan rushing over and asking this bunch of buggers here to do a second run either. The same goes for 9W2PO who obviously has gone solo with his work rather than have to deal with those who fight tooth and nail for getting things their way over trivial stuff.

The needs of the victims should rank higher than the individual egos. I say, you can judge the tree by the fruits it bears. In this case... some trees no fruits but got damn fragrant flowers.

So.... buck up or ship out. The victims dont need to suffer because of your behaviour. Those intent to doing a little something dont need the distraction. And surely this blog does not have to waste the space for some egomaniac eager to point out anonymously who he thinks is not behaving well.

Put your money where your mouth is. Organise another one, the way you want to... and lets see the results. Otherwise, bear some fruit.

Anonymous said...

Segamat is behind u 100% and a big thanks to u and your team for your effort.

NGO supports were the mainstream help that helped the people of Segamat after the first wave.

The orang asli village X-man and his team visited, the road there is so bad that u would only want to use a 4wheel drive. After the flood, no help went to Segamat Kecil. With their house gone and the jungle wet, they could hardly feed themselves. X-man and his team were the first team to arrived there and supplied them with food ration. There were so happy that help came at last. Friends who are non hams, visited them after X-man & team's visit, feedback: the settlers were so happy they told almost every visitor.

You guys did a good job too in Batu Pahat.

So X-man, for those of us who knows how much hardship and frustration you and your team had to endure, we (Segamat) appreciate what you have done and hope you will continue doing it.

Keep up the ham spirit.....
For those of you who do not appreciate what X-man and his team are doing, just don't come to this blog anymore.... there are many more interesting blogs for you to visit. I, for one do not like stupid bloggers.

3 cheers to X-man and his team;

Hip..hip.. Hooray
Hip..hip.. Hooray
Hip..hip.. Hooray


Anonymous said...

Many things have been said.

Conclusion: To all who have sincerely assisted the relief team, irrespective, which group you come from... a BIG Thank you.
Keep on doing charity work.May God bless you ALL.Paradise will be waitng for you.
To those who were unable to assist due to one reason or other,
please stay by the side,your moral support will be enough.To those jealous people up there, may God give you a better brain and come to your senses , clean your dirty and contaminated heart..


Hotel 8 star Tongkang Pechah

Anonymous said...

Let's the another Charity Drive begin....... Our most important thing to do.



Anonymous said...

Hai Ya,
I thought that I was the only person a certain handsome looking guy
and good talker approached me for a finacial loan.It look s that this guy is looking for victims at Ali baba.
I met him twice, at the third meet after the RAE result was announced he asked me for a loan of Rm500.00. I politely told him that I dont have that much money. He said any amount will do.I sensed shit so after that I avoided him until today.
This handsome guy who I am refering should ( I guess that he is reading this )
stop that borrowing business, probably he can become a male prostitute somewhere.

Almost victim 9W2@@@

Anonymous said...

Aik Yoooo..
Almost victim 9W2@@@..

This is my 1st time hearing this..
I been to AliB for 2 years, almost EVERY FRIDAY. But haven't met with this Con Man yet.
So I dun know is this real...
Anyway..Everyone have to be careful la...

Kg Peta, are we going to Kg.Peta on the next trip. And when?

Anonymous said...

Almost victim 9W2@@@

Thanks to people like you, others are circulating this rumour, if you are speaking the truth, tell us who it is.
I know a used to be active guy who had money problems, and he frankly told the truth about his position. I know this as I have spoken to him and he was offering his house at below the market price.
I am sure he knows who he is and I also know the circumstances he is in. It is easy to just say he wants to borrow money, have you checked with others? I know of a few people who have been paid back in full.
ANyways, like they say, amll minds discuss people. ALI B is not about this is bigger than that, Although he helps out, he does not run the place. Mubarak owns the place, and the rest, we are just customers.
Stop spreading this kind of nasty stories. I just wonder, if your world is upside down and if you don't have a job....what would you do?

another Ali B'er

Anonymous said...

You dont borrow money from strangers. The chances of getting are nil.After three meeting you want to borrow money.... something must be wrong somewhere.Where are his old buddies.
I sympathise with people who are in financil difficulties due to one reason or other.Being new to AB I do not know who are genuinely in trouble or who are the conman.What I wrote was a just a warning.. I would not like to name the person. It would be embarassing to him and me.

So be it if you think you can and want to help a friend in need , please go ahead , dont say you have not been warned.Conmen are everywhere, even in chuches, temples and mosques.


True Ali B'er said...

err 9W2@@@

wrong place to air your opinions...
We don't want to hear about this guy or your opinions, if you want to keep this place (comments here) on flood victims and aid related issues.

as for you and who you are talking about, go get a life! Don't put unwanted postings here, and I can say that from the rest of us with true intentions.

In short go &^%$ yourself...and if you truly have symphaties, you wouldn't even have brought this up.

Go to your Mosque, CHurch , or Temple to ask for forgiveness, attacking this guy. (No that I am supporting him! But if I can donate to the victims for flood, why can't we consider helping? After all, better then ex president taking membership fees and not paying to MARTS!

I would like to apologise to all for having left this comment....but cannot tahan, pretentious people with other objectives.


Anonymous said...

Hello Brother,

9W2@@@ did not mention any names. He was reminding members to be careful if approached for financial loan.
Thats all, so I would say the same thing. BE CAREFUL

9W2 $$$

Anonymous said...

Be careful when you cross the street,
be careful when you go to toilet (dont let your brader get caught up in the zipper) that ah?
Those kind of advice can give to your children lah....
This blog, I sokong to keep it to the topic. Who gives a flying F*&$s about this buggers?

Dahlah...pergi MARTS website, tak ada news langsung, last posting manya lama punya want to findout latest in KL, pun lu orang tak habis habis spread all this news!

Go get a life, and if your wife is not giving it to you, find another!
Or if worse still don't even have a wife, go find one...but first better ditch that boy friend of yours and go find a girl!

Anonymous said...


Since you said "Being new to AB I do not know who are genuinely in trouble or who are the conman.What I wrote was a just a warning.. I would not like to name the person. It would be embarassing to him and me."

How come you have the balls to put this in? You just heard rumors and you spread it?? Then you worried about embarrasing him or yourself but the real deal is that you have already done that....

One of the thieves said said...

One of the thieves said

Interesting to note that there was a remark to say that some Ali B people clamouring to run for council/President, etc.
I for one knows this, One of the so called used to be regular, did decline a nomination by the current council members. . because I was there when this happened! So to this guy who claims that there are those who want to run, I for one would like to see who.
All those regulars that I know don't even want to be associated with MARTS!
They are members though, and still are members, but they felt that to be in the council, they must commit their time 150%. so If there are members who want to know the truth, come and see for yourselves. Better to vote for the Vice President, who has made some press statements before, and perhaps he will be the right one to help MARTS. AFter all he is doing a good job at MARES.

Anonymous said...

Those with the good intention to seek ham friendship please be VERY CAREFUL.....!!!
You have a choice but be selective who U befriend.

It's true and is a fact that many ham guys borrowed money and services no return.

I have heard many AB guys gossiping and bad mouth which is not true.
A Very unfortunate place that AB have more bad people then good people.

They sound so kind and so helpful on 2meters.

Example, I will be going south to help out the recent flood.
I feel that he and family need the help rather then those people effected by the recent flood.

He should first good care of his rice bowl and family.
So sorry he can't first correct himself for doing good but offering his services elsewhere???
So....hypocrite lah, sinful and shameful???

9W2AXE, U made your callsign real proud, U did a good contribution to the society and will have the blessing always.
Any possibility to AXE those bad mouth guys at AB???

A would strongly advise for the good of radio ham society in MALAYSIA please stop visitors from gossiping.

My information gather after visited AB.

Not a place for me.
I can't stand hypocrite people.

can't stand all this 'good' people said...

and there you go.....annonymous 2.38am
you have just done another disservice to yourself!
You have just started another gossip....
syabas to you and your kind of thinking!
Can's you see, its people like you that contribute to the problem!
Surprisingly, the 20 or 30, sometimes even 40! These people must be bad!

2.38am, go F&*$# yourself! And enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Whats the bickering all about.
There seems to be no end to all these
clashes.I suggest you all form a few gangstar groups and physically fight each other.. If you need some parangs I will supply them free. After this fights most of you will be dead and the amateur fraternity will have a better environment.There will be a lot of rigs, antennas for sale via

Come on man ... dont be childish. Hope this blogspot be closed forever.