Sunday, August 27, 2006

Merdeka - 2M net

To acknowledge our 49th year of Independence, a few Hams will be setting up a station at Ali Baba@ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. They intend to usher in this occassion at 1600 hours on the 30th of August and wil continue until 0100 hours on the 31st August 2006. ( 2 concurrent events slated, read on.)

9M2DS, the customary catalyst and driver for our 2m nets, will unfortunately be away in Indonesia and has requested for all his pals to make sure the 2 meter Merdeka net is a reality.

So... in deference Pak Dollah, our/his Merdeka net check-ins will begin at 2100 hrs - 0100 hrs. This year, we will be starting our 2meter net on the back of anotehr 2 meter occassion - the 24 hours QSO................... we hope Man Belon will have enough petrol in his tank to join in....

Other pertinent details.

-Calling channel for the event will be on V40 for the events mentioned.
- We will be streaming our event 'live' on the internet
- pls login in to Skype and contact us at wilsan.yew or manbelon
by clicking on the conference icon.

You are encouraged to stop over to join in the celebration or simply, pick up you mic and make your presence known and your support felt.
We hope to hear from you on the eve of 31st August 2006. Those failing to check in will be reported to Pak Dollah for disciplinary action. Only Legal MCs and those travelling out of state will be excused.


de Moderator

1 comment:

9W2MCT said...

Not quite sure how many stations checked in but good job, I heard 9W2SBS, 9W2ADC, 9W2ICE at different stages of the net, and good work, to all involved.
I was listenning in and heard 48 stations, did we get 49 at least?
One for each year of independance?
. . .
Great job guys...
de 9W2MCT