Tuesday, August 08, 2006

SWR workshop

Curious about how this small piece of equipment can help you optimise your transmission? Heard about the terms :- Forward RF power, Reflected RF power, Dummy load, etc etc and don't have time to lookit up at wikipedia?

Come on over and get your hands-on, this will also be a great time to ask the expert on advise or just to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Time : 8.30pm
Date : 11th August 2006
Venue : Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Ali Baba
Presenter : 9w2aa - Jit


de moderator


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Dr Jit who was very popular a few years ago.?
He wont hesitate to install your mobile anttena for you.He will drill the hole, install the cable, do all the sodering and test the swr of the antenna.All he needs is one roti canai banjir and one teh tarik. As a bonus a packet of cigarretes is most welcome.
I heard you got a job... thats good
but pse remember that the boss is the boss and he pays your salary dont try to teach him... Thats your weakness.

Alll the best see you sometime Jit .


Anonymous said...

Kawan........you are tactless, insensitive and you mother must be proud of you.

You must be the pengiring istana.... pantang anak Melayu menderhaka kind of fellow.

DOnt worry.. your kind still usefull....
make excellent kangaroo bar.

Early warning system of might be accidents, false alarm... and sacrificial part of system.

I like Jit. Deal with it.

I think you are a waste of space. And I dont mean on this blog.