Friday, August 04, 2006

Standard Operating Procedure - activities held

9W2SOO - Selina XYL of 9W2SEE
leaving her mark

The 'Big Big group' in motion

9W2SOO DXing under the 'watchful ears' of 9W2SSJ
Mubaraq joining in the group pix!
GO GO GO on the go! 9W2GGG . . .
The Twins . . . QSL?
9M2DS showing the ropes . .
Time to start the collection, QSL...
I'll do it my way . . . 9M2DS...not karaoke lah!
Powersupply ala Home brew? Can't tell . . .
Apa cerita? Macam macam ada.....

We would like to thank all stations, swl(s) & ham enthusiast alike for making this event the biggest turn up , by far at Ali Baba, and most of all, an event to be remembered.

Pak Dollah kicked off the workshop at 9.30pm by welcoming all stations and started off the session with a brief history of HAM in Malaysia andgladly handed out copies of additional information for stations who wanted more reading material.

He also touched on the topic of QSO cards and brought some samples to be passed around for a closer view. New stations were showed some 'old' 2m hand helds, compared to those handies available nowadays. Pak Dollah recalled his encounters (to the detail!) operating with other stations and spoke about them passionately! He further provided a short briefing on SOP and common practices (on the airwaves)

3 groups were then created with new ham operators taking turns to dx - under the watchful eyes of other seasoned stations.

All good things must come to an end, they say, so this session concluded at 12 midnight.
Some others stayed on till 4.30am, at least that was on record!

There are plans to have another SOP session for those who might have missed the opportunity. So do drop us a line or two if you would like to attend, otherwise come catch the main crowd, normally on Fridays, sometime after 9pm...meantime, happy QSO'ing!

Stations who attended :- 9W2tlc - chan, 9w2ice - bob, 9M2ds - dollah, 9w2del - Fadil, 9w2sbs - Aizrin, 9w2adc - Kayrol 9w2eet - francis, 9w2xyz - alan, 9w2ryz - kin hou, 9w2gu - hamid, 9m2cf - chow, 9w2yyl - yem 9w2alt - Allen, 9w2xi - wilson, 9w2axn - adlind, 9w2cay - nadzmi, 9w2axe - azhar, 9w2boi - boi, 9w2yz - lim, 9w2ssj - suchart, 9w2xz - fadzil, 9w2ely - adely, swl - fairuz 9w2ggg - gale, 9w2see - see toh, 9w2soo - selina, 9w2sib - syahmi, 9w2afy - anwar, 9w2mmm - wong, 9m2cj - thiam, 9w2rt - razif, 9w2zn - zakran, 9w2alx - alex, 9m2aa - jit, 9w2mrz - zack, 9w2bbc - anwar, 9w2ll -ong, swl - mubarak, 9w2ziz - aziz, 9w2ull - zulfadli, 9w2obr -hirdir, 9m2/bg7msm - Zhung ru, 9w2mal - mal, 9m2rzl - rizal, 9w2ee - sharil & 9w2dtr - dexter. Total no of stations :- 46 stations 73s de moderator


de moderator

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