Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2M net - Hari Pahlawan

Hari Pahlawan net was held on 31st July 2006 at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, and a make shift station was setup. The net was lead by 9M2DS, 9W2ICE & 9W2ADC. The net was conducted from 9pm, with Pak Dollah kicking it off and was officially closed by 9W2ADC at 11.30pm.

Over the airwaves, announcement was made pertaining to Hari Pahlawan and the activities held throughout Penisular Malayisa.

It was also made known to new ham station that a SWR workshop will be conducted when one would be able to gain a better understanding on how to operate this equipment. Date of workshop would be announce shortly.

Ham stations that participated were :

9w2cbo - Chris, 9W2ll - Ong, 9w2gl - Wan, 9w2ice - Bob, 9w2xi - Wilson, 9w2eet - Francis,
9w2myv - Rosli, 9w2slc - Lex, 9m2cj - Thiam, 9w2axn - Adlin, 9w2gt - Hock (Muar / Echolink),
9w2mmm - Wong, 9w2gsm - Kerwin, 9m2/bg7msm - Zhong, 9w2ssj - Suchart, 9m2ds - Dollah
9w2mct - Tony, 9w2ziz - Aziz, 9w2tah - Tahar, 9w2va - Andy, 9w2mrc - Hoh, 9w2wil - Wilfred
9w2yd - Yusuf, 9w2sab - Sabri, 9w2yyl - Yem, 9w2mnr - Nabil (Ipoh / Echolink)
9w2sal - Salim, 9w2gu - Hamid, 9w2boi - Boi, 9w2axe - Azahar, 9w2yz - Lim, 9w2who - Chandran
9w2hsl - Hasli, 9w2boi - operated by SWL Alibaba, 9w2tlc - Chan & 9w2lt - Lee.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all stations for your participation and your continuous support to the activities of Ham Radio.

A special thanks to 9w2dtr - Dexter for facilitating Echolink connectivity.


de moderator.


9W2TLC said...

Thanks to all and net controllers!

Kayrol said...

your welcome.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

i thought i landed in a wrong station - net controlling not in english . let rkk be rkk..please!

9W2GL said...

Good Job to all the NET Controllers. errrrrrrrr, I thought RKK is RKK, what else can it be ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.31 am

Why not in Bahasa Malaysia ?
You cant understand Bahasa, If so,
you should go to some orang puteh land and settle down there.
Malaysia achieved independece in 1957...possibly before uou were not born. To be born after Merdeka and you cannot understand Bahasa malaysia in not acceptable.

You and your colonial master... get lost

Anonymous said...

Thats not nice. All languages are understood. Be nice.
If you dont understand it.... just say so. We will accomodate. Thats why bahasa.

Small thing also get riled up.

Anonymous said...

and you have a local chap cheng master?


Anonymous said...

no butt you obviously do.

is that meant as a derogatory term or are you just an innocent ignoramus?