Wednesday, September 06, 2006

NATIONAL LINK Repeater back online . . update on 9M2RUK too

To all stations that appreciate concise news, here is the latest on the National Link repeater of MARTS on Ulu Kali.
Previously transmitting on 146.925 Mhz, the Repeater was emitting serious QRM on a commercial repeater belonging to MTD, the Highway Concessionaire operating the Central-East-West Highway, resulting in our National QSO's being copied through their commercial network. Which resulted in it being decommissioned, until today!
As previously explained (or if you so wish, refer to MCMC Bandplan) the 146.000-148.000 Mhz is allocated to Amateur Radio in Malaysia on a 'secondary basis'. In other words, on a need to basis! So lets keep flooding the airwaves to fully utilise our bandwith!

Our repeater team (9M2CL-Bob Chee, 9W2EY-Edward Yeoh, 9W2TE-Charlie and others, which we may not know of) summitted Ulu Kali today - 6 Sept 2006, at midday, and readjusted the necesarry, resulting in better RX and DX'ings ! Syabas to them, and as you are reading this, are on their way to Malacca, and subsequently to Gunung Pulai to do the needful for the improvement of the National Link Network.

On another note, 9M2RUK, is now awaiting final adjustments, as well as reinstallation of the repeater and antenna, thanks to the efforts, of 9M2CJ-Thiam (for coordinating), 9W2AA-Jit, for his help in duplexer tuning, 9W2ZN-Zakran and his team (Rosli/Khairul/Roslan) for ascending and reinstalling the duplexer (but for the rain and lightning, 9M2RUK would have been live already!).

So if you are keen to use the National Link again, please do so at 147.125 mhz . . .with the usual Tone & Shift! See you on the link....

73s de Martnews.blogspot

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