Friday, August 11, 2006

JOTA event held recently

A big thank you for all those who have helped directly or indirectly , the list goes from
- setting up the station
- equipment on loan
- classroom tutoring
- being present to operate the station at BP house till wee hours in the morning , 3am
- mobiling stations who checked in to assist
- echolink setup
and the list goes on ..

Thank you fellow ham for keeping the ham spirit alive & well.


de moderator


de moderator said...

Marts News said...

The 3rd Asia Pacific Jamboree on the Air - Internet drew to a close on Sunday, 6th August 2006. 9M2PPM operated from BP house, Jln Hang Jebat (Jln Davisson).
The basic 2m set up was installed on Saturday, with the help of 9W2XYZ,9W2ICE and 9W2OZZ. Saturday through Sunday saw a steady stream of volunteers taking turns to man the station, and syabas to all these volunteers, who ade it all more wonderful for these boy scouts!And one station even stayed for 17 hours!!
So thanks again, and the list goes . .like this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yea man, this blogspot is becoming stale now.What happened to the stalwarts from the caves of Ali Baba.They have lost interest or they have gone separate ways now , I suppose. Oh no no they are hibernating now to wake up before the next AGM and grab whatever post they can get and rule MARTS for the next 2 years.

My 2 m licence is for sale or lease, anybody interested pse call
Toll fre number 1 800 88 3495

Main gasing sekarang

Anonymous said...

ohh big worg. stalwarts.

tell you what... go ahead and bask in the ruling prowess of the current dynasty. Haha....

and is your mother for sale or lease too? can we have pictures?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's their plans to capture MARTS on 2007 but Penang will not just give up to this KL group because their capability as 9W is not up to the international standard.

Sorry to say that it's the fact only operating on 2meters.

A concerned ham....

Anonymous said...

Oh but our bury the head in the sand president is the international benchmark.

Then why is AARL and JAARL talking to the older 9Ws directly? And paying for their expenses to seminars?

Must be the Japs are not up to international standards. Hehehe...

Your one foot measuring ruler probably only six inches... hehehehe

Anonymous said...

For crying out loud, what the hell has that got to do with running the society? Sure they may be operating well but if their focus is only operating on their particular band (those in Penang or KL or Timbuktu) then what are they doing for the society?
Running a society is about all that involves running it, including admin, means giving your members what is due, membership cards, etc (not that Khoo is not doing a good job), not that anyone is not doing their job, period! It is about doing their job and beyond!
What happened to relations with the governing body? What about relations with other HAM society? Clubs? What about Malaysia's representation in the International community? What about service to the society apart from what is happening up Notth? MARTS is National, not just Penang! Lets not lose focue, and expand those activities to the rest of the Nation. If the current committee can't achieve that, even though we have two, correction, one committee member in KL, why not change it? Is there anything wrong with change? It is good that Mr3.46 is happy with the progress and he thinks 'that the KL' group is not up to the International standards, then agin who is?
So? Are we all going to keep lambasting the KL group or the Penang Group, or are we going to look in to the progress or our society and vote the people who have their plans and goals set out (and by the way, informing all of us as members as well, and not just getting nominated and voted because he has more friends??

9W2xyz said...

Mr 3.46. Nice satirical touch.

You have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Everytime i read this blogspot I have heart ache.Some members are isolating themselves into camps...KL camp. Penang Camp and Timbuktu camp.We are destroying ourselves , we dont need a third party to do it.
Why cant we think as one group. we all belong to MARTS...there may be
some a...hole who are commenting on MARTS affairs and using MARTS .
repeaters who are not members.They are poking here and there , at the same time instigating people.I have mentioned a few times, MARTS should be run by a combination of old and new members.Old members for their expertise and experience.The younger ones have the energy.A good combination but somehow this has not been acheived.
I have the answer but you can also guess.Someone mention AARL and JAARL..whats all these ? Do you know that today the Japanese hams are fighting with JARL because JARL supported the Japanese Licensing Authority in implementing Broadband Power Line.This BPL is going to happen in Malaysia soon. What are we doing about it.How many of you (esp 9w2 )know the negative implications affecting amateur radio by BPL.So boy you have a lot to catch up not just want to hold posts in MARTS.

Grown up boy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5.31pm

It is good to know that the older 9W2 have gone to all paid seminars.
I for sure would like to jump the wagon and have a free holiday somewhere.Please give me their names I would like to get in touch with them to get more details.

He he he ...the sponsors must be idiots who do not know how and where to spend their money.