Sunday, August 27, 2006

24 hrs QSO - an attempt by ManBelon (9W2RNJ)

Bermula pada jam 8.00 pagi 30hb Ogos 2006 cabaran akan berlangsung sehingga jam 8.00 pagi 31hb Ogos 2006. Atas semangat patriotik satu ‘Check In’ yang dikenali sebagai “Merdeka Net” akan dilakukan oleh Man Belon bermula diambang Merdeka pada jam 10.00 malam sehingga jam 1.00 pagi
Bukan sahaja ketahanan mental dan fizikal yang menjadi asas cabaran bagi menyahut cabaran ini, tetapi juga ia menguji kemampuan setiap peralatan yang digunakan sepanjang cabaran tersebut. Ini adalah penting jika ia ditransformasikan didalam keadaan kecemasaan kita tidak seharusnya menghadapi kegagalan peralatan berfungsi dengan baik.
Man Belon akan beroperasi di Rumah Kelab Persatuan Perkhidmatan Kecemasan Radio Amatur Malaysia (MARES) yang beralamat di 4A, Jalan Tinggi 6/12, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Studio sementara yang dibuat seolah-olah station sementara semasa operasi kecemasan tambah mengrealisasikan cabaran ini semasa operasi kecemasan yang sebenar.

Jadual Penggunaan Jaluran/Pemancar Ulang-alik

30hb Ogos 2006
0730 - Persiapan terakhir Cabaran Ciptaan Rakod
0800 - Komunikasi bermula dengan Jaluran ASTRA
1200 - Berpindah (QSY) ke Jaluran Mares (9M4RES)
1600 - Berpindah (QSY) ke Jaluran Transnasional MARTS
2000 - Berpindah (QSY) ke NESRAC (9M4RNC)
2200 - Berpindah (QSY) ke Jaluran ASTRA Merdeka Net 2006 31hb Ogos 2006
0100 - Berpindah (QSY) ke Jaluran NESREC (9M4RNC)
0400 - Berpindah (QSY) ke Jaluran Mares (9M4RES)
0800 - Transmitting at ALL REPEATERS for 73’s
08:24‘ 24” QRT misi ditamatkan.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
All Ham Stations are strongly encouraged to assist ManBelon 9W2RNJ by participating in his QSO irregardless of allegiance / which club you may belong.
His QSO will be targetted at 9M2RKK & Marts National Link at 16oo hrs to 2000 hrs.
During this period, we hope that all stations will render their best efforts to help 9W2RNJ achieve his record. We also hope that stations intending to use the repeater will observe
protocol and best practise as usual.

We wish ManBelon our best for his attempt, godspeed.


de Moderator


9W2MCT said...

I think Man Belon may have already achieved his feat, congrats to him!
It was nice to see that there were many stations who were there to urge him on. That is what teamwork is all about, it will be nice if that kind of team spirit is repeated each and every time. . . .
Unlike some 'people'out there who are trying to put this blog down! . . .
Syabas Man belon, now for a guinness world record??

Anonymous said...

Man Belon have done it. He got members from all societies (ASTRA. MARES, MARTS and NESRAC ) involved.
His approach was acceptable to all parties. I would like to propose Man Belon to be the First President of
FEDERATION of AMATEUR RADIO MALAYSIA (FARM) Dissolve all other societies. To hell with MARTS, MARES ASTRA and all others

Future Member FARM

Anonymous said...

Tony, don't try to be sarcastic all the time. it's better not to offend people while you are still out there. You might not know what you might run into in the future.

i tell you this as a friend. silence is golden, sometimes.

9W2MCT said...

Sarcastic? I am hoping that he can go on and achieve a record, on the guinness books! Is that sarcasm?

Perhaps, you tend to see a bottle as half full, rather then half empty . . .or whichever way that suits you.

I honestly think that he did well, and hope that he can go on and achieve it on a world stage . .contrary to your interpretation!

Don't judge me, cos you don't know me!

Man belon, if you think that I am sarcastic, I mean well, please do not think otherwise.

de Tony 9W2MCT...misunderstood again!

Anonymous said...

no no no, dear Tony, i meant the sentence "Unlike some 'people'out there who are trying to put this blog down! . . ."

i personally think that 9w2rnj did a good work too and i didn't mean any issues of his.