Friday, September 02, 2005

Universiti Malaya - Science Fest Sept 5&6 - UPDATE

Not so long ago, we posted news that KL Region MARTS Rep Office will spearhead a Field Day in collaboration with ANGKASA (National Space Agency of Malaysia) in conjunction of the 'Water Jet Propulsion Competitioin for the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Cup'. That day is fast coming, and thanks to the kind attention of Telekom Malaysia, Technology Division, special mention to En Mohamad Annuar-9M2MO, the Booth will be equipped with uninterrupted wireless service through its CDMA services in collaboration with HuaWei Technologies. This is utmost important in providing visitors to the booth an insight to a live demo in VoiP-RF interlink.

Many thanks to En Mohamad Annuar-General Manager; En Dinesh Krishnarajah-Assistant Manager, Wireless System Technology; En Lee Han Kiong, Wireless BSS Engineer, HuaWei ;
Mr Chen Peng, CDMA Optimization Engineer, HuaWei;
Atached are photos of the Engineers testing their systems on site at the Varsity Green Field, University Malaya.
( The system in use for the duration of the field day is developed by QUALCOMM Inc. Concept of wireless technology which uses spread spectrum technology . It spreads information in a signal over a much greater bandwidth and shares the same channel at same time slot - For a more detailed explanation and illustration, you may want to contact En Dinesh -

See you there. . . . oh yeah . . . . there will be a BBQ on site for all volunteers and visitors, Monday Night . . .5th Sept . . .

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9w2bad said...

sorry, can't attend during the daytime of the exhibition, just came back from leave of course cannot take more leave..
anyway, is the preparation for the booth will be carried out this weekend? will try to make it there, see if can help with anything. me no skill, only have this not-so-strong body to offer.. ;-)