Sunday, August 28, 2005

Celebration Net

Few days ago, our tiredless net Controller Pak Dollah, 9M2DS
was in control again on 25Aug05.
The day in question was Hari Wanita Sedunia.

Pak Dollah was on the mike again calling all Amateur Stations
to check in from 2100 hrs that night to wish all "wanita"
tha had contributed to each members reaching where they are

A total of 30 stations checked in that night.

1. 9W2MZ
2. 9W2BAD
3. 9W2BGL
4. 9W2SMJ
5. 9W2YJ
6. 9W2GC
7. 9W2TOO
8. 9W2SSJ
9. 9W2PAT
10. 9W2XI
11. 9W2CCT
12. 9W2JBJ
13. 9W2TWO
14. 9W2HHL
15. 9M2CJ
16. 9W2CCH
17. 9W2ALQ
18. 9W2LAR
19. 9W2RY
20. 9W2MCT
21. 9M2RT
22. 9W2AXN
23. 9W2SAI
24. 9W2MEJ
25. 9W2KDN
26. 9W2XZ
27. 9W2LAW
28. 9W2SAL
29. 9M2MO
30. 9W2DDL

Net COntroller Pak Dollah closed the Celebration Net at 2230 that nite.
Syabas to all who checked in.


Rodney 9W2YJ said...

Mederka 2 Meter Net Annoucements

FYI, we will be conducting a live RF repeater linkage test to respective EchoLink gateway within the whole Malaysia on MOnday 29-08-2005 at 22:00 hours.

Care to Join in at EchoLink **Malaysia** Conference Room as the bandwidth can accomodate huge number of stations.

The Malaysia Merdeka Day 2 meter net via EchoLink will be on 30-08-2005 at 10.30pm as all station is linking live as advice by 9W2MCT Tony since we are counting down to 24.00 hours midnight to Mederka!!!



Lady9w2jar said...

What happened to all the "wanita"?. Hari lelaki pun lelaki gak wish, hari wanita pun lelaki gak wish. World is not fair. Humss... one or two pun consider too small number, kan?

9w2bad said...

what to do.. wanita will always be wanita - the 'mega sales' & 'what-d-neighbors-have' spirit is always high.. the craving feeling of having what others have but lack in enthusiasm of utilising them... just like beli pinggan mangkuk but semua simpan dalam peti bawah katil... along with the ham licence lah... but not all lah of course... hehehe..

just gurau only.. my apologies to the women out there.. u guys r the actual 'unsung heroes'.. most would do 2 full-time jobs at the same time with full energy - the career & as a home-maker.. I SALUTE YOU... this also goes to my mom, my sisters (inlaws & out-laws) & of course my daughter (yet to be in that level but working on it)

73 & 88