Wednesday, September 21, 2005


CQ CQ CQ! That seems to be the usual call but replies are far and few . .
MartsnewsBlogspot, is not dead ! Yes, we are still looking out for volunteers for the following;

1.RAE Review in preparation for the coming RAE . . . If you know of anyone intending to update their knowledge please put it down in comment. (Volunteers required for Review session, estimated to be held sometime in October)
2.Volunteers required to hold RDF Antenna building (venue TBA).
3.Articles . . .if you have any Amateur related articles, or are planning any events, please put in comment for us to announce.



9W2TLC said...

"RAE Review in preparation for the coming RAE "

Hi guys,

How to register and any other details? I have some friends who would like to take coming RAE, I hope to update them with more info.


Wilyeo said...

Calling all Ham Gurus,

I am a SWL registered for the coming RAE and would like to inquire if there will be any RAE revision classes conducted anytime soon. I have 4 participants on hand now.

Wilfred Yeo
SWL - 9M2 25164

Anonymous said...

If you guys need a venue for up to 30 pax, you know who you can call. Looking forward to the RAE classes as I have 4 SWL who is eager to take the class and they are non technical people. So really need your help in teaching them.

9W2SAI - 73

Wilyeo said...

That's nice 9W2SAI - I 've not met you but I guess you are from SGTI. I have 4 SWLs too from the V6ers. Maybe you can get the gurus to put something together for us. I've spoken to 9W2SAL on this already. Appreciate your assistance.