Friday, September 09, 2005

9M2MRC - All Good Things Come To An End . .

Tues - 6th Sept 2005

9M2MRC officially QRT ! As the event came to a close, 9M2MRC closed its station with two last minute visitors from Seremban! (Martsnews.Blogspot apologises for not remembering their names! Our stations involved in manning the booth were too busy wrapping up and dismantling the ever so complex equipments - Come on down to Ali B, the two of you and the drinks are on the house!)

The Competition came to a close with SM Teknik Slim River taking the honours (FYI, The winning team did visit our booth . . ) Alas, all good things come to an end, and a big big big thank you to all those involved in the event . Below, is the role of honour, and if your name is not here drop me a note! I do apologise as there were moments (many, in fact) that I was a away from my sentry! Cheerioooo . . . . .

Icom V8000 x 2 (9w2MCT & 9W2XI)
Yaesu Vx5R x 1 (9w2MCT)
Yaesu Vx7R x 1 (9W2SSJ)
Cubicle Quad Homebrew Directional Antenna (9W2MRR)
SG7700 2x5/8 Mobile Antenna (9W2MRR)
Motorola GP300 (9W2ICE)
Kenwood TS2000 x 1 All band Transceiver (9W2XL)
Yaesu FT8900 x 1 (9W2XL)
Diamond SWR Meter (9W2XL)
Cushcraft MN7000 Antenna (9W2XL)
CDMA Wireless 2.4G high speed connection (with the kind help from 9M2MO – Request not to be published, and kept for internal record only)
CB Radio Display only (9W2XI)
Battery supply (9W2XL & 9W2XYZ)
Camp Beds x 2(9W2XL)
Fluorescent Lights (9W2PO & 9W2XL)
Cooler Box (Thanks for the cold cold cold drinks !! - 9W2MRR)
Snacks (Courtesy of 9W2AXN, 9W2ICE & 9W2VA)
Laptops x 3 (9W2AXN & 9W2MCT)
Mosquito Coils (Thanks Andy!! You sure kept them away!!)

9W2XI – Wilson
9W2XL – Bear
9M2DS – Pak Dollah
9W2AXN – Adlind
9W2SSJ – Suchart
9W2MRR – Syed
9W2MCT – Tony
9W2ALX – Alex
9W2ZZE – Azizi

9M2MO - Mohamad Anuar
9W2JI – Jimmy
9M2CF – Chow
9M2CIA – Lokmal
9W2CCW - Hassan Chan
9W2BAD – Badrul
9W2GL – Wan
9W2MAN – Man
9W2VA – Andy
9W2XZ – Fadzil
9W2TKC - Peter Tang
9W2BGL – Lim
9W2AQ – Azmi
9W2BTL – Lim
9W2FAI – Fai
SM Kg Baru Si Rusa, Port Dickson
SM Teknik, Slim River
A few other schools (not named as not accompanied by teacher advisors)
(two stations from Seremban, did not get call sign, as we were dismantling the booth when they arrived - This list of visitors was compiled from a visitors logbook, but some may have not been listed so if you are missing, send me a note

9M2MRC QSO Log (Incomplete)
N1KMM - Rick - USA via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9W2CCB - Colin - Malacca via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9Z4AFH - Khaz - Senegal via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9M2AR - Cikgu Man - Kedah via HF 7.043mhz
9W2PAT - Dr.Pat - Johor Bahru via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9W2JAS - Jason - Johor Bahru via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9W2TSK - Kumar - Johor Bahru via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9M2CJ - Thiam - Kuala Lumpur via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9W2VA - Andy -Kuala Lumpur via 9M2RKK
9W2XZ - Fadzil - Kuala Lumpur via 9M2RKK
9W2YJ - Rodney - Klang via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9W2AQ - Azmi - Sri Kembangan via 9M2RKK

73s . . .coming together for a better communication tomorrow


9W2xyz said...

Good job, Tony. I still dont know how you do it. I think your watch is running on 30 hour days.

Time for us to work on the other thing now.. the MCMC one. You have the minutes?

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