Monday, September 05, 2005

9M2MRC - Universiti Malaya Call Sign for MARTS Booth

CQ CQ CQ . . the MARTS Exhibition and demonstration booth was given the go ahead to use the official MARTS Callsign - 9M2MRC -and as such, you may be hearing this sign repeated over the airwaves over the next few days.

The event officially kicked off this morning at 0830 hrs, with the competitors taking their turns at the trajectory and lift off segments of their Water Propelled Rocket Jets. The objectiv of holding the booth in conjunction with this competition is to provide basic Amateur Radio Information to the countries Science's students.

Kep in tune for more up to date reporting, live from Universiti Malaya.
9M2MRC, can be reached through 9M2RKK (147.980 mhz) 9M2RUK (147.900mhz) 9M2RKL (439.600) or HF at 7.043 mhz.

73's - 9M2MRC

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