Tuesday, September 06, 2005

UM - 9M2MRC - 5th Sept 2005

The MARTS – Universiti Malaya (9M2MRC) booth was well manned on the first day Of the ANGKASA – Piala Menteri, Sains, Teknologi dan Innovasi, water jet propulsion competition.

On hand to help man the booth was 9M2DS–Pak Dollah, 9W2AXN–Adlind, 9W2MRR- Syed, 9W2XL-Bear, 9W2SSJ-Suchart and yours truly 9W2MCT-Tony.

There were not many visitors, probably due to the fact that the competition proper was in full motion. Whilst our friends were busy trying to set up the wireless link, the competition swung into full spin, with times, having the launched rockets coming quickly crashing down to the field. The visitors, including the Media, will turn up tomorrow, being the Finals.

A group of students, from the SMK Kampung Baru Si Rusa, Port Dickson, headed by their ‘cikgu’ (teacher), Pn Amelia Bt Ahzan, spent a good portion of their lunch break to find out more about Amateur Radio Services. On hand to help out was 9M2DS-Pak Dollah, whom cikgu recognized from his past TV expose! Students who were at our booth with Cikgu, were, Abd Razak B Ahmad, Mohd Ridzuan B Yaacob, Muhammad Nazirul B MNohd Yusoff, and Kamarul Ariffin Bin Mohd Rashidi. After a quick lesson, Kamarul was quickly anointed SWL, and he continued to QSO with 9W2SNZ-Shamsul (who was mobiling to Jelebu from his base in Kuala Lumpur) Syabas to Cikgu Amelia, and hopefully, MARTS will be able to see a Junior Club soon.

Tune in to this blog for the latest in the UM – 9M2MRC booth . . .

73’s . . . Coming Together for a Better Communication Tomorrow


Rodney 9W2YJ said...

Bravo! Gentlemen... you guys have done it... with the ham spirit in heart!

9w2bad said...

yo mr blog owner... can we do something abt these anonymous posting unrelated subjects..? it's a spam...

anyway, great effort guys in promoting the hobby. sorry can't be with u guys during the day due to work commitment but will find a way..
was on the 'camp ground' last night, not a bad booth, with all the equipments there, hopefully the echolink matter can be resolved a.s.a.p, meantime maybe just have to make do with eqso lah... those 'graduated mosquitoes' feel that my uneducated blood is not to their taste lah, they went for XI & MCT instead.. LOL..!

last but not least.. congratulation to all those involved in setting up the whole thing.. :-)

Anonymous said...

You guys did a great job, extra ordinary job done by ordinary people.
C U furher down the log..

Rodney 9W2YJ said...

Dear Guys,

For EchoLink which does not work with wireless community networks, or hotspots due to the port forwarding issue.

We could use the EchoLink Proxy technique with uses another Gateway as the Intermediate Connectivity by forwarding the necessary UDP port to another location and rerouting it to the hidden EchoLionk client behind a firewall network.


Same problem with Suchart's Home Wireless Streamyx problem and this Wireless CDMA connection provided Telekom and it's vendor.



9w2axn said...

yeah guys great job, also special mention to the TM tek crew who also came @ unearthly hours to setup and resolve the connection probs..and to all the ham ops who took the time to visit - thnx

9W2MCT-Tony said...

Great Job to all who were there, and certainly to those that were not there but had us in their hearts! Never mind, hopefully, next time round there will be new faces. . . not the same old boring ones, Hi Hi.
73s to everyone, and keep on DXing . . .

Kimi 9W2KMI said...

Great job guys! I wish i was there.