Monday, September 05, 2005

UM - Science Fest - Booth set up

D-Day ! 4th September, booth set up task was left to a few stations.
A couple of exchanges over the airwaves, the following was collected for use in the exhibition booth. Syabas to Wilson-9W2XI for sacrificing his family time in Port Dickson to return to KL to help out in the set up of the booth.

Icom V8000 x 2 (9w2MCT & 9W2XI)
Yaesu Vx5R x 1 (9w2MCT)
Cubicle Quad Homebrew Directional Antenna (9W2MRR)
SG7700 2x5/8 Mobile Antenna (9W2MRR)
Motorola GP300 (9W2ICE)
Kenwood TS2000 x 1 All band Transceiver (9W2XL)
Yaesu FT8900 x 1 (9W2XL)
Diamond SWR Meter (9W2XL)
Cushcraft MN7000 Antenna (9W2XL)
Battery supply (9W2XL & 9W2XYZ)
Camp Beds (9W2XL)
Fluorescent Lights (9W2PO & 9W2XL)
Cooler Box (Thanks for the cold cold cold drinks !! - 9W2MRR)
Snacks (Courtesy of 9W2AXN & 9W2ICE)
Laptops x 3 (9W2AXN & 9W2MCT)

The night was tough especially, with the many number of 'Graduate Mosqitoes' at the UM Grounds rushing to keep us company. Our broadband suppliers were busy trying to connect to Echolink, with undoubtably some Port related problems. They were testing till early morning . .
Morning came, and the next shift took over . . . .
73s and big thank you to all who contributed one way or the other . . .

'Coming together for a better communication tomorrow'

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